Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend Plans?

If you are looking for something to do this weekend (and live in the Fraser Valley), here are two options:

1. Come to the Mt. Lehman Fall Fair. And more importantly, come and say hello to me at my craft sale table! Rachel & I will be there selling our wares. We'd love to see you! (And we would like you even more if you bought something....preferably from one of us!!) The fair is free and has entertainment, kids activities and more.

2. Before I knew that I would be at a craft sale on Saturday, Dan & I had planned to try to attend EAT! Fraser Valley. It's at the Tradex and is on all weekend!

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Just wanted to share what I made for Helen's 2nd Birthday. Felt play food groceries: mik, eggs, cheese, bread & fish, complete with reusable grocery bag and a reversable apron. (I found the pattern for the groceries in this Etsy shop). I'm pleased to report that Helen loved it!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lightning Lakes is as Adventurous as it Sounds!

Two weekends ago we found ourselves camping with good friends Dave & Rachel at Manning Park. I guess I shouldn't say we "found ourselves camping" we actually planned it way ahead of time and Dan booked the sight and we bought food and brought beds and warm clothes! So it was preconceived! Anyway, we had a great time (for camping) and enjoyed our weekend at Lightning Lakes Campground even though it rained on Saturday night and Sunday morning. (That's when we left for McDonalds breakfast in Hope...a good call I think!) Here are the only photos I took, but they sum up what we did, which was: sit around and read, eat & drink & enjoy ourselves! Oh! We also went canoeing on Lightning Lake, but I don't have any hard evidence of that!

(Photo removed accidentally! Oops!)

Our mini tent

(Photo removed accidentally! Oops!)

Dan drinking his 'home brew'

(Photo removed accidentally! Oops!)

Dave & Dan reading

(Photo removed accidentally! Oops!)

Steak supper!