Monday, August 09, 2010

Getaway & Garden Party

Well it's been sort of busy around here - but I don't know with what! Just life I guess! Dan & I went to Lethbridge on August long weekend, which was fun and relaxing and we were both very glad Dan was able to get away from work at this time of year. We didn't do too much in Lethbridge - mostly just ate and were around, but we did go to Waterton and ate food there too, and saw 3 bears!
Supper on the porch!
Cameron Lake at Waterton

Also, you may recall the Garden Party me and two other girls had a while back. It was moderately successful and we had a fun afternoon together. We are trying to find out more information about the Mt. Lehman Fall Fair and might share a table there too....that idea is pretty undeveloped though, but I'll post it here if we are going to be there!
If anyone is interested in any of my products - handmade fabric banners, coasters, tote/diaper bags, 4" blocks, bibs or ISpy bags, please let me know! (I have some surplus!) I'd love to show you what I have, or make something just for you!

(More photos of our sale over at Rachel's Blog!)


  1. This is Hilarious! We must be! Looks like your life is pretty fun...

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    HI Erica, Just thought I would check in to say hi. So glad that you had a nice time in Lethbridge. We sure had a great time with Leah! Now we just need to get us all together once again. That really would be a 'coast to coast' gathering. Love that you had a garden party, and yes, of course you should have a table at the fair - go for it!
    love, auntie rosie

  3. great Leth pictures! auntie b is so cute. and so are you! i like your hair. i get a haircut tomorrow and i am so excited. i want something drastic and different, but we all know i'll walk out of there looking exactly the same but less bushy. which is always an improvement, i guess! your garden party looks wonderful and i wish i could have been there! what a fabulous idea. and i agree with rosie, you should have a table at the fair! i can't wait to see you in Oct!!! love you.

  4. i just checked out (i really want to write snuck/sneak/sneaked, but i am not sure which is spelled right, or which one is grammatically correct, so i just wrote "checked out" to be safe!) rachel's blog and looked at her pictures! what a great garden party. you guys had tons of stuff to buy!!! you are your own fair! i am so proud of you!

  5. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Hi honey, great blog entry! I think Leah meant to say that auntie b looks so goofy. I can't figure out when/where you took that pictures of your dad and I?Anyway I hope the fall fair event works out for you crafty girls.
    Love you, mom