Friday, June 18, 2010

I love my niece!!

Helen & I have a playdate about once a week. Today I took her to a playground (with a slide – as per the little one’s request). She loved every minute of it! Helen took off running and played hard for probably 30 minutes or so. Climbing up the slides, sliding down, run across the bridge, play with the steering wheel, down a bigger slide, over to the swings, back to the tunnel slide to climb up and through. What a kid. At one point she patted another little girl on the head (who was probably the same age) and said “Nice baby.” She loved watching the big kids play and fearlessly did (or tried to do) what they did on the playground. It’s been so neat and wonderful to see her grow and learn so much. It’s hard to believe she has only been in our lives for 22 months.

Helen last June....
Helen this past April...

Garden Party

I know posting has been light here for a LOOOONNNNNG time, but I wanted to inform anyone who reads this site about a Garden Party Clothing & Accessories Sale that Rachel Kehler, Jessica Heward and I are hosting/putting together.

We three are textile and crafting/creating lovers and want to share our stuff with the world! The Garden Party will be in Rachel's Garden, on Thursday, July 22, from 3:30pm to around 10:30pm (or until we are tired and no more people are there!). Click here or contact me for more details! Please spread the word to anyone you may know in the Abbotsford area!