Wednesday, October 21, 2009

items of no importance (to you)

Well, I know it's been a LONG while since the last post on this here blog, but I have some news to post, so why not!!

1. I just saw Joshua Jackson (Pacey from Dawson's Creek, and Charlie from Mighty Ducks 1, 2 & 3) in Fort Langley! I was driving through and there he was, standing in front of a camera, probably doing his job. This is my first celebrity sighting ever!

2. Probably of more significance, I passed my LEED test! I took it on Monday after studying for what felt like eons. I am glad that is off my plate and now I can do more important things making muffins and doing crafts. (For those who don't know - LEED is a sustainable/green building rating system. I did it mainly to see if I could, for one, and also people who hire other people in my field like to see those letters behind a name....)

3. The house is going good. Drywalling is apparently happening - we haven't been over there since Thanksgiving weekend. I am trying to decide what colours the inside should be painted. Haven't a clue, fyi.

4. We are off to Seattle next weekend (uh, I think) for a little fun time of walking around and looking around. Planning on doing this with our friends Dave & Rachel for a while, so we are all hoping that next Friday is departure day!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Do you have any links to updated house pictures for those of us who are not facebookers? It's been a while.... i need details!


  2. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Thanks Erica! Always love to read what you have been up to. Congrats on passing LEED and having that done with.
    Hope your Seattle weekend works. And to think you saw a celebrity right in your little town! Excellent.
    love you, mom

  3. 1. nice job on the celebrity siting. that is pretty exciting!

    2. well done on the LEED test. i think that's pretty great.

    3. picking paint colours would be hard. but no doubt, you will make great choices.

    4. have fun in seattle. or did you go already?