Saturday, April 25, 2009

the travel game

Dan & I were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this past week enjoying some sun and sand and time away from home. We had fun but are glad to be back. Isn't that how it normally goes though?
We mainly stayed at our hotel and hung out reading by the pool or on the beach, but we also did a canopy tour through the tress in the Sierra Madres. We had to go in a truck for an hour into the mountains and once there we ziplined around in the trees, about 20m above the ground. We really enjoyed it and are glad we did that.

When we travel, we always play this game that we made up and isn't really a game at all. We (usually me) pick a party of travellers that we just don't like and then have fun rolling our eyes at them and talking about them during the wait in the airport. We call these people our travel enemies, although we really don't know anything about them and have no reason to not like them. It's pretty much based on first impressions.

This time round our travel enemies were a couple that we sat down across from at the gate while we were waiting to board. You know the kind of people they were I am sure. The type of people who wear their passports and travel docs on strings around their necks (nothing wrong with that, I guess) and who don't shut up about how cool they are. The woman was wearing a tennis skirt and one of those 'cowboy hats' that you can only get in Mexico, and the dude kept talking about his diving gear and his iPhone and how much a subway sandwich cost. Also, he was wearing track pants on the flight home, and if you know me at all, you'll know I don't believe in wearing athletic gear outside of the privacy of your own home, or if in fact you are doing something athletic. They also stood right next to the baggage carousel and then moved around it to be closer to the place where the bags come out. Ugh.

So generally we just make note of these people and secretly make fun of them and then if we see them again at the airport at the end of the trip our game is to beat them at everything. Get better airplane seats, get through customs, getting our luggage, getting to park & fly. I am sad to say that we did not beat our travel enemies this time round. But they did make for some entertainment!

Here are some photos from our trip.
Just us hanging out.

View from our balcony.

Our main activity.

Truck we went in to go to the Sierra Madres

Ziplining place

Just after we came down from the ropes.


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    erica, just wondering if you used LP Travel to book your tickets? I'm sure they were very helpful!!!


  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Ahh, Erica those are nice pictures! Looks like a good relaxing and hot holiday, can't beat that. I also like the fact that you captured the image of Dan's half eaten cracker!
    Yay to LP travel and the hours of entertainment provided!
    I want to say 'see you soon' but I think I should say 'can't wait to see you in a while'. love mom

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I love the travel enemy game and I think I have played a similar game before.
    Looks like you had a relaxing time. I am glad to see that.
    Also, really, no lulu lemon pants on the airplane?? Really?

  4. 1. i love your travel enemies game. i don't think i've ever played "enemies" but i for sure have picked people out to watch and laugh at. ESPECIALLY the ones who wear their travel docs around their necks.
    2. i love your red bathing suit and your main activity looks great.
    3. i love your little sundress.
    4. is Dan eating a cookie or cracker after the zip lining?
    5. LP Travel definitely provided an efficient and pleasurable traveling experience. Thank you for using LP Travel to book your Mexican vacation. Please contact us if you are diagnosed with the swine flu. Although we cannot help you, we will send you flowers. Thank you.

  5. My favourite part of this blog is that "DAN" has his own label!

  6. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Hi Erica,
    Just checking in. Love your pics and how lovely for you to get away. LP travel did a really nice job on your planned activities. So, I love your dress Dan reading the Bible? Just thought I'd check, cause that was my first guess.
    love you
    auntie rose