Saturday, February 21, 2009

just a typical Saturday

So far today I have:

-been in and out of Wal-Mart
-exchanged 2 birthday presents
-gone grocery shopping
-pick up some library books
-made Karen Sawatsky casserole for potluck tomorrow (and saved half for ourselves)
-made two lasagna's for the freezer
-done 4 loads of laundry
-washed a mountain of dishes

Still to do today:

-put away gloves & mitts & other winter stuff in new under-the-bed rubbermaid
-put away outdoor Christmas decorations into rubbermaid (they haven't been UP for this long...just waiting for a place to be stored, that's all)
-vaccuum my sick sick floor
-do two more loads of laundry
-wash a mountain of dishes
-lay on the couch & watch tv


  1. Now that is a busy day! I had to work today, as per usual! But I have only done one load of laundry and I still have a mountain of dishes to wash too!

  2. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Hi Erica
    You are busy gal! Glad that you found the right rubbermaid for your stuff. That will feel good to get those things cleaned up and put away. If I was at your place I would wash your dishes and Dad would love to dry them!
    Hope you had a nice potluck today.
    Talk to you soon, love mom

  3. Erica, you're so dang domestical! Auntie Shaina cannot presently hold a candle to this caliber of homey activity...I shall have to look into finding me a rent resource (aka: husband/workhorse) to free up some time for getting started on your future children's Ninja Turtle costumes. (Don't think I've forgotten! ;D)

  4. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Okay, so I know who Karen Sawatsky is, but have no clue what her casserole entails. Do tell!

  5. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Put away winter stuff! Man we are shoveling snow again this morning.
    I hope you got to lay on the couch. Thats a right, not a priviledge, so you have to defend your rights.
    love you

  6. Glad to hear that Karen Sawatsky is still going strong! I made it a few weeks ago...still delicious!


  7. i'm sorry i haven't checked your blog in so long. i liked this post, and i'm sure you have forgotten it because it's a long time ago, but i hope that you got everything done you wanted to, and then got to lie on the couch for a while. i love you!