Tuesday, February 17, 2009

old friends, dead relatives and new projects

This past weekend my mom & dad came to visit. They had Monday off, so it was a good weekend to come and see Dan & me. They arrived Thursday night and went home again on Monday morning. I can't really say what we did, but we sure had fun doing it!

Dad & Dan tackled some home-work projects. We FINALLY have outside lights! If you come and visit I will turn them on. I know it's a bit ridiculous that we didn't have any until now, but we do live in an old trailer and everything is of farm quality, which means that it's all just made to work - not made to really be good. So along with the lights they also made the door into our "utility" room (laundry/storage) way better! It now has a new door knob and weatherstripping, so Dan can use that as a mud room, which is awesome because I am tired of sweeping up hay every 10 minutes.

On Sunday we went on an adventure to find the graves of the great grandparents. After Dan & I got married I read all of Gran's memoirs again, and since then I have wanted to go and find Cornelius & Katerina in the cemetaries Gran mentioned. Finally we went on Sunday, and mom spotted them about 10 minutes into our search! We had no idea that we would find Katherine because Gran wrote that she was in a different cemetary, but it turns out they were just 12 graves from each other. Mom also found her great Aunt Anna (Boppa's aunt) and her great Aunt & Uncle Sara & George (Boppa's uncle). (Mom, did I get that right?)

Oh, mom also helped me with a little sewing project, which I made for Grace for her birthday (Jenny's daughter). It was a chef costume - hat and jacket. I had it all cut out already because it was originally for someone else, but that changed long ago so why not right?! I think it turned out pretty cute! Two of my friends from Briercrest also happened to be visiting people in Vancouver this week, and last night I went into the city to meet them for supper. It was a lot of fun and I am glad I could go see them while they are here. I was pretty tired on my way home, but it was worth it! I laughed a lot and we had a good visit.
Well, that's all for now!


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Yes Erica, you got it right!
    That was a very fun weekend with you two. I loved the part when we just hung out at your home, so cosy and filled with love and laughter.
    We should start planning our next visit soon.....
    Love you, mom

  2. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Hi Erica, my goodness, I am very delinquient and I have totally forgotten, blocked, not paid attention to your blog! How did that happen? anyway, here I am and I am so thrilled that you went on a grave side hunt! I can't believe that you mom knew where 'they' were buried. Good job. And did I see green grass, brown grass, but I know it was grass!!
    love you, auntie r

  3. 1. so glad you could visit the old Duerksen relatives.
    2. i love the chef's outfit! adorable.
    3. must feel great to have outdoor lights and a proper door to the laundry room! congratulations!
    4. how fun to visit with friends. looked like fun and it sure is great to laugh!!