Sunday, January 18, 2009

Timeline: Six through Twelve

{In case you missed Zero through Five, it can be found here.}

1991, age 6: I am in Mrs. Bingham’s grade 1 class. Usually, we do projects about dinosaurs, words, colours and poems. Our desks are in groups of four. One day we are handed “swish & spit” fluoride packets. I put mine in my mouth, but then spit it all over the desk, possibly when the boy across from me makes me laugh. From them on I get to hand out the packets, and don’t have to use them.

1992, age 7: On the first day of grade 2, I wear a t-shirt and shorts outfit that is pink, white and blue flowered with a sheer pink vest that fastens via bow. I also have new white runners. My teacher, Mrs. Bingham again, takes a group photo of the class on the first day. We take another group photo on the last day of school. I have the same outfit on in both photos. Some kids have moved away, and others have joined our classroom. That year we have a student from Australia in our class. His dad was on a teaching exchange to Canada. We have pen-pals from the boys’ Australian school. Mine is named Rowena.

1993, age 8: I completely blank out grade 3, the previous summer, and all holidays during the school year. It must be genetic – my sister has no memories from grade 3 either.

1994, age 9: Hillary & I are old enough to stay home by ourselves now in the summer. When mom comes home at lunch, she fills up our backyard swimming pool. We play in the backyard all afternoon, eating blue whale candies in between games of shark and pretending to shoot a swimwear commercial under the water. The snorkel Hillary had served as video camera.

1995, age 10: I am in Mrs. Wood’s grade 5 class. I meet a girl name Christine, who lives just across the park. My friend Kari is also in my class. We’ve known each other most of our lives from church. I go to Kari’s house for lunch everyday. Her mom makes the best ham sandwiches on homemade buns. On Wednesdays, we watch Home Improvement on VHS tape, recorded the night before. Kari and her family move away the following summer.

1996, age 11: I walk or ride my bike to school everyday with Christine, who I met in grade 5, and James, who lives down the street from Christine. After school, we play HORSE at James’ house. One time his mom made lemon sorbet for an after school snack.
Christine and I volunteer in the special-ed classroom at school one lunch hour a week, for about one quarter of the year. At the end of the year, I get the Citizenship Award at the grade 6 grad assembly. I don’t really know why I got it. James’ dad, who is a cop, takes photos of the grad with a big camera. I am wearing socks with sandals.

1997, age 12: I go to summer camp for the second year in a row. There is a girl in my cabin who I will meet again later in life, at Bible school and through youth group. She didn’t come to camp with any friends, and me and my friends were not overly kind to her during our week together. On the first day of grade 7, Christine and I walk to the bus stop together. Junior high begins, and we don’t see a lot of each other anymore. I don’t know when our friendship comes to a close, but by the end of grade 9, we hardly acknowledge each other in the halls.


  1. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Hi Erica. Glad to see you are continuing the timeline. Love you

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Yeah, isn't that the way life goes. I think Mrs. Bingham is still teaching the same as ever and dosen't look a year older!
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    Love you, mom

  3. Anonymous2:39 PM

    This made me laugh out loud. Mostly these things- pretending to shoot a swimwear commercial and wearing socks with sandals. Also, I remember that outfit from grade 2.
    Love you.

  4. 1. i laughed too.
    2. it's odd that you have no memories of grade 3. nor does hill. something is strange about that.
    3. i like that you wore socks and sandals.
    4. good old Mrs. Bingham.
    5. i had forgotten about swish! thanks for reminding me.
    6. you have a good memory and i wonder what i would remember if i tried?
    7. thanks for your great writing.
    8. i love you.
    9. want to come over?

  5. I once went to school with Hillary when she was in Mrs. Bingham's class. We had snack...milk and cookies and Clarke and I were Hillary's show and tell I think. Sorry this is not about you, but rather Mrs. Bingham!