Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things to tell you before I leave

1) Tomorrow is the day! Since Friday at 8:30 am I have been waiting for Monday at noon. I can't wait to see my family! I'm really looking forward to having the week off and being in Toronto. It's only the event of the year.

2) On Thursday we went to our show that I blogged about months ago. Jack Johnson concert at the Thunderbird Stadium. Thunderbird is at UBC, which, according to Google maps is 73 km from our house. We arrived 1hr and 45 mins after we departed home. Yeah. It's also an outdoor venue, and of course it had been raining off and on all day. BUT! The sun broke out in the afternoon and it was great for the concert. We sat on a blanket on the grass, so our butts got wet, but then when Jack came on stage we stood for the rest of it anyway.
There were two opening bands - both really good, we enjoyed them. JJ finally came on around 8 and did about a 2 hr set. It was fantastic! We really had a good time and enjoyed it all, minus the two drunk people that were wrestling around in front of us and all of the pot in the air. But what else would you expect at a Jack Johnson concert? I mean, the guy is a pro surfer turned musician. We found out later that our friends Brandon and Cayley were also at the concert. We wished we would have known 'cause then we would've gone with them. Still a great time. We would for sure go again to a Jack Johnson concert, and also we would go to Thunderbird Stadium again.

3) On Friday night we had our friends Evan & Jen and Brandon & Cayley over for a wiener roast. This was when we discovered that they had also been at the concert. It was great to hang out with the four of them. Glad we did it before the rain takes over for the rest of the year.

4) Our apple tree fell over. We don't really know when this happened, but it did. It's in a low spot in our yard, so we think that basically the roots rotted and then they couldn't hold the tree up anymore. (We live next to a river, yo.) Dan chopped most of it apart yesterday, so we've now got to clean up those unripe apples and get the main stump/branches out of there. We were sad because we were actually going to eat those apples this year. (If they were good.) Ah well.

5) Also on Thursday night we bought a digital slr camera that we found on Craigslist. They guy lived at UBC, so the timing couldn't have been better. I, of couse, have wanted one for a while and have looked periodically on Craiglist for anything affordable. This one was. (And obviously not stolen, dad, fyi.) So we met up with the guy before we went into the show and everything worked great, looked good etc, so we bought it. It's been fun to play with, but we have a lot of learning ahead of us! (Or I do anyway). I don't want to be those people who have a fancy camera and never play with it or take it off automatic settings. Because why did I buy it if I don't play around right? So I am not trying to be a professional or anything, but we figure if we are going to travel (and we would like to do) and if we are going to have babies running around (which we would like to have one day) then this was probably a pretty good investment.
Also, thanks to Heidi who taught me that Canon is the way to go, and also for the helpful camera advice. She is a great photographer and really knows her stuff. (Check out her blog and photo site - links on sidebar!)

Well, I'm hungry now and should have some breaky before church. Have a great week everyone. The next time I post Hill and Mike will be married and my blog will likely be about their wedding and time in T.O.

Can't wait!!

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  1. so this comment is way late, considering i already saw you since you wrote this. but i had a great time with you this weekend! i like you. i can't wait to see you again at Thanks. i am glad you enjoyed the JJ concert, and i am sorry your apple tree fell down. what a disappointment. i love you!