Saturday, July 05, 2008

Timeline: Zero through Five

1985: I am born in Killarney, Manitoba. My mom and dad had been tobogganing with my sister the previous day. No one expected a girl, and for the first couple days I was nameless, until my aunt realizes that if an “a” was added to Eric, the name my parents decided upon, it’s a name for a girl.

1986, age 1: We move to Lethbridge, Alberta, a month before my first birthday. I don’t remember the move. My dad is going to go to college. My parents move themselves and their babies into an apartment site unseen. We only live there for 3 months.

1987, age 2: My dad works in Blairmore for the summer, leaving Hillary, mom and me in Lethbridge to play and live in our one-above-ground-level apartment. We have friends there, and play hairdresser at least once a week. The game involves me sitting on an upturned laundry basket with a towel around my shoulders while Hillary sprays my hair with water and combs through it. We entertain ourselves for hours.

1988, age 3: Hillary starts kindergarten that fall, and me and mom bake cookies almost everyday. I pretend we are on a cooking show every time and mom plays right along. I always wear an orange and white polka dotted half apron, which comes out of the dress up box.

1989, age 4: I go to Wee College in a big white church just a few blocks from our house. It is there that I meet Jackie, my friend to this day. At Wee College we play games, learn Bible verses, sing songs and eat snacks. One spring day we have Rice Crispy squares that are in the shape of nests, and each one has three jelly beans in it, for eggs. Mine are purple, pink and yellow.

1990, age 5: I have my 5th birthday party in the house that my parents still live in today. We also have a housewarming party with the friends from church. There are about 10 kids close to our age in the neighborhood. I start kindergarten in the fall. I’m in the afternoon class, and this way I can still watch Mr. Dressup, Under the Umbrella Tree and Sesame Street in the mornings. Hillary and I stand on the front steps for a picture on the first day of school. We stand there every year after that on the first day of school, and on our graduations.


  1. i love this erica. your life sounds somewhat like the way that our mothers got us into afternoon kindergarten (as we will do for our children, if such a thing still exists then), playing hairdresser, and pretending to be on a cooking show while baking (i still do this sometimes). which auntie pointed out Eric was Erica with an "a"? i don't know this story. i love it all!

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Erica this is delightful. I love the walk down memory lane. I love that you remember cool things about growing up.
    I love that you visit the library (currently reading section on your blog), lots of poeple don't you know, and that's a real shame!
    I love that you are my kid and I love you and I can't wait to see you soon.
    Love dear ol'mom

  3. Sister.
    You are cool.
    And playing hair dresser was the bomb!

  4. I loved reading that! You're so creative and i hope you keep going with your timeline. See you soon!!

  5. I like that you remembered what colour the eggs in the nest were.
    Anyways, I also hope you post the rest of the timeline at some point in time. I very much enjoyed it!

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  7. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Good stories Erica. I didn't know you remembered not having a name for a few days.
    Love you

  8. I obviously don't remember not having a name dad!
    And Leah - I was also told that it was Auntie Deed who thought of Erica. Maybe someone - like the people who gave me life - could clear that up?

  9. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Oh for sure you are right. Auntie Deed had the bright idea but first she thought that maybe you should be --'Victoria'!
    love you, mom

  10. oh, thank goodness for auntie deed and her smart thinking!! but, "victoria"??? maybe not so smart. she did name her kid Eugene, after all!! i am glad you are erica. see you soon (vicky).