Monday, April 21, 2008

on vacation

I know I have said this a lot since being married/moving to nowhere, but blogging is hard without a high speed connection. And a high speed connection is hard to live without in these days of email and google and ipods.

Also, looking at a computer for 8 hours in my work day, and then blogging on a slow dinosaur computer at home is tiring. And so, along with me having waited close to 45 minutes to upload 5 pictures from our time in Mexico, I am not enjoying being a blogger lately. If I am one. I guess I am since I have a blog. And I realize I don't have to do this. It's not required of me. So don't be disappointed when I call it quits ok? I'm not yet...but maybe soon.

Anyway, here is a little taste of our holiday, which was wonderful. (visuals to follow...hopefully??)**

We left our house at 10 AM on the Friday, and got into our hotel room at 2AM Saturday morning. It was a very long day of travelling. A bit stressful too since neither Dan nor I really knew where Park & Fly or the Airport was. We made it though!
Once we were in Cancun the Transat Tours people told us to get in a bus and then we drove for about an hour to get to our resort. We had to stop along the way and drop off some other people too.

Me on vacation. Actually, I am at the lobby bar in this picture. No wonder why I look crazy. And it was windy and I had been in and out of a pool all day, so that accounts for the hair.

Our hotel was nice. The resort we stayed at has a lot of beach front, but our actual hotel was not on the beach. They have 3 hotels at one resort, it's kind of weird. There was lots of food and alcohol of course, and sun and water and old ladies who shouldn't wear bikini's but do anyway. Our days were usually spent by the pool reading books and cooling off in the water, then we would go have lunch, then go back to the pool, then go to the room because it was air conditioned and it was so hot there. Then we would go for supper and then walk about and look at stuff or just go back to our room. We went to the beach a couple times too!

We did get off the resort during the week. One day we went to a brand new tourist thing called "Rio Secreto" (Secret River). We went on the second day it was open. It was a fresh water river that was underground and it has stalagtites and stalagmights (I don't know, or care, how to spell those words). We wore helmets with headlamps and wetsuits and water shoes. It was a little scary going down there, but the water was refreshing and it was very neat. There was me and Dan and a lady and her daughter from Ottawa in our little tour group, and of course the guide. And then another dude who took pictures of us the whole time down in the cave and would suggest having group photos at various points, which none of our group cared about at all, but we did it anyway just to humour him. At the end they wanted to sell us a cd of images for $25. Thank you but I don't need pictures of me in a wetsuit, with a helmet on, in sweltering heat.

We also took a collectivo, which is a public bus, or a 15 passenger van, about 25 minutes south to Tulum, where there are some Mayan ruins. They were kind of neat, but the best part was that there was this stairway down the cliff to the most beautiful beach! It was all white sand and no rocks at all, unlike the beach at the resort. We went for a dip, because you have to when you have that opportunity! The beach part was really narrow, but it was packed anyway. It was more of a place you just refresh yourself in, not really a lie in the sun for 8 hours kind of beach.

By Thursday I was ready to come home, but now I am ready to go back. Work has been really busy this past week and today. And I just want people to stop phoning us asking when their drawings will be done, because really, we'll tell you when they are done. We don't want them any longer than necessary. The effects of relaxing and doing nothing all day were short lived. The stress has returned. For both Dan and myself. Ah was fun while it lasted!

** I came in early to work on Tuesday to add some photos. However, with the exception of the above picture none of them seem to want to load. Some internal problem or something. This is turning into quite the episode....

**** You can see all our vacation photos here:

You're welcome.


  1. I have a difficult time believing that you actually enjoyed going into a cave full of water while wearing a wet suit. Remember the bucket on the in point.

  2. Hey Rica,
    Thanks for the blog, I very much enjoyed it.
    And I am glad to hear and see that you and Dan had a good time!
    Also just a note in case you were wondering, despite my boycott of facebook I pleased to see that they still let me look at your pictures without an account!
    Fantastic eh!

  3. thanks for all of your effort with this blog post...i liked hearing about your holiday! your pics on facebook look divine! i am so glad you and dan could get away and have some fun! now it's back to the real world, huh? i like you.
    ps - sorry about the old dinosaur computer.

  4. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Nice pictures and good blog. Hey you can blog or not, but remember your readers love to hear about what you are OR aren't doing!

    Love you, miss you and look forward to seeing you next month. mom