Friday, March 14, 2008

in a nutshell

This morning I realized I STILL know all the words to Allstar by Smash Mouth. I don't even know how I know all of them, but I do. Guess who was playing it on their computer, loud enough for me to feel the bass over in my office...yep, you guessed right!! But really...Smash Mouth? Who has listened to that since the late 1990's?? Not that I'm any kind of authority on music....

In other news, here are two things that Dan and I are looking forward to:

We're going to Mexico!!! We leave April 4th and get to spend an entire week playing in the sun. Well, hopefully it's sunny. We didn't do any weather research, or rather, I haven't, but we're going to the Caribbean side so probably it'll be fine. We're staying here, and I think it'll be a great time! I hope we can go to the Mayan Ruins. I don't really know what those are, but it sounds exotic and educational and like it would be interesting and cool.

Also, we will go to our first "real" concert together in August. You have to understand, we've never lived in a big city together or gone to free shows or what have you in all our dating years. Dan saw an ad in the paper yesterday that said Jack Johnson was playing at UBC this summer, so today Dan bought tickets. We know, not a hard core show, but still should be a good time. It's so far away still..I'll probably forget to blog about it by then, so I thought I'd tell you now!

And here is something for you to look forward to: I'm planning on doing a blog post all about the farm, complete with pictures!! I know you can't wait. Calm down, it's coming soon to a computer near you.....


  1. Hi,
    I am so excited to hear that you and Dan get to go to Mexico!
    That would be so nice.
    Sometimes I just close my eyes and imagine that I am living an exotic life - complete with Mexican beaches.
    So I hope you have a great time! And in case you have forgotten I like postcards and earrings!

  2. Sounds like fun.
    And about going to concerts- there is something really great about a good concert. enjoy!

  3. your mexican getaway sounds fab! and it's coming so quick! don't forget your bathing suit! jack johnson sounds fun! i hate to admit this, but i've NEVER been to a concert before! unless you count those concerts at YouthQuake, which were always heavy, hardcore christian bands that i hated and avoided. that will be my goal soon...attend a concert! that i like. ok, can't wait for the farm post!!! really!

  4. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Sounds like great fun!
    Thanks for a super time on the weekend. I had fun hanging out with you.
    I love you both, mom

  5. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Yes, I'm sure you are excited about Mexico, but I'm excited about the farm post - really I am!! No doubt it will be fab! Have fun.
    auntie rose