Monday, March 31, 2008

Farmin' - Part 2

My wonderful father reminded me that there was something I had forgotten about in my last post. That, of course being the rest of the kajillion chickens.

Yes, this farm is also a chicken farm, meaning chickens that end up as supper are raised in great big barns for about 6 weeks and then the chicken catchers are called in (seriously, they are called chicken catchers) and they come with their chicken Zamboni and take them to be butchered. There are three broiler barns over at S&K's place. There is a main floor and an upstairs in each barn, and each floor has about 15,000 birds. If you do the math, it adds up to around 90,000 chickens. So you see there really ARE a kajillion chickens on this farm, not just the 12 or 13,000 I told you about before. You may think 90,000 birds is a lot, but think about how often people eat chicken. I bet you are having chicken tonight. We are. (It's Shake&Bake, And I helped!)


  1. wow. a chicken zamboni. i've never seen the likes! you are such a smart wife, erica. i love you. oh, and count on your dad to tell you what you left out!

  2. In response to your comment on my blog as to who drives me crazy...two words...the roommate.
    Also I am really looking forward to a blog about your holiday!
    Blog soon, ok?