Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm on coffee break

The neglect that is this blog has not been entirely intentional. For a few weeks I have been thinking of great things to blog about: being in Toronto for Thanksgiving, how I don’t really feel Abbotsford is home, going to Brandon’s Halloween party, having Jon Nolan here for a few days, the fact that I now enjoy and can finish crossword puzzles, the regular installments of stuff I’ve made and of course the everyday things that are interesting at the time. I have even thought of what pictures I could put on my blog, if I would have had my camera at the time, like when the fog is burning off down here in Glen Valley and the sun starts to shine, or an orange sky behind Mt. Baker, or me and Dan in our Halloween costumes, or I don’t know…stuff.

So yes, as you can read here, we went to Ontario for Thanksgiving. It was great. Plus I saw two friends while there, which wasn’t planned. Becky could meet us at St. Jacobs, and Jackie and her family were at the top of the CN Tower. And in line for the elevators at CN Tower, Mullet Lady was in front of us...

Jon Nolan came to visit us on his way to California. Jon was the best man at our wedding, for those of you who have no idea who I am talking about. (Yes, the guy that had the midnight slide at Super 8). He’s on an adventure, basically trying to not run out of money and just doing what he wants, as long as he’s home for Christmas. It was great to see him. I had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning off, so I could hang out with Jon which was fun because I never really had before and now I feel like he is not just Dan’s friend, but mine too. Jon’s only goal and mindset when he was here was to get his car windows tinted, to try to hide the fact that he is pretty much living in his car. What a dirty drifter. A dirty drifter that we love. Here he is with his Oldsmobile Wagon pimped out with LIMO TINT windows….

Brandon’s Halloween party was on the Saturday before Halloween. I hate Halloween, for the record. Dan and I went as a pair of Aces, and unfortunately I didn’t take a picture. It’s pretty much the easiest costume you can come up with when you are invited to a party the day before it’s happening. So keep that in mind when you need a costume and don’t have a Value Village nearby. Jon went as Dan Wall, which was a hit! Brandon has made Dan Wall (and me, by association) into a legend with his friends. I am not sure how or why this happened, but all of his housemates think we (The Walls) are super cool, which is a nice feeling, so when we showed up and then had another “Dan Wall” in tow, they were thrilled. I take the credit for Jon’s costume idea.

Other than that, things have pretty much been normal around here. I make stuff and take pictures of it and Dan goes to work and hates the cows and getting up early, and I go to work and think my job is ok and it rains a lot.

Installment number 3 of Cake Class starts tonight. Here is a fake cake I made for the last class. It's sitting on our counter at home and I not sure what to do with it, so if anyone wants it....

Photo Removed

Thanks for your book suggestions a few posts back. I meant to say that a long time ago. All of the books I have read lately have been off of that list and they have been terrific so far! Right now I am reading The Time Travelers Wife, and I can't put it down - thanks for the suggestion Leah!


  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Mullet Lady. I had forgoten about her! love you

  2. juliana7:09 PM

    Yippee!! A new post!!! Glad to hear that you are still alive. Since I'm the first to comment, I guess I get the cake........I can use it for my wedding. KIDDING!! Believe me, if I had any news of such to share, it would not have escaped you until now....... Everybody is doing well here. Round 1 of report cards is done and I am bracing myself for parent/teacher interviews next week (truly my most stressful day of the year....) It tried to snow today and that did not amuse me in the least, although it made the kindergarteners quite excited! Take care of yourselves.....

  3. juliana7:10 PM

    Okay, when I started posting I was the first to post! I guess your dad has first dibs on the cake, but I didn't see him asking for I'm still the winner.

  4. I love reading your make me laugh. And the Time Travellers Wife was one of my favourite books...i think i read it in 3 good!! Enjoy it! Love ya.

  5. so glad you are reading The Time Traveller's Wife! i absolutely loved it; it was so weird and interesting and confusing. oh now i want to read it again! thanks for the update, it's always a relief to know you are surviving. keep on keeping on. i love you.

  6. juliana5:58 PM

    Me again. I did not like the Time Travellers Wife. I quit reading after a few is too short to read books you're not connecting with...but I am glad to hear that all of your loyal blog readers are enjoying it!!! I spent the summer reading books that you suggested and I loved every one of them. When school is in session, about as much as I can read is a magazine article. Pathetic.

  7. I love the cake. At first I thought it was a hat. And the cup cakes are cute too.
    How exactly did Jon go as Dan?

  8. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Nice post! The pictures are delightful. Sounds like life is happening for you as it is for the rest of us too.
    Miss you and love you, mom