Tuesday, November 27, 2007

fashion forward

I got a haircut on Thursday. It's shorter now and I have side bangs. I have also started wearing makeup more regularly. I feel like an adult.

My wardrobe doesn't reflect that. I am not a dressy up kind of person on a day to day basis, and usually prefer comfort to "professional looking clothes", although if they are comfortable...

Then I realized that I know how to dress like a college student, and I do it real well. But I don't know how to dress like an adult who is a part of the design/construction/business world.

Plus, I don't want to go finding these necessary clothes. Someone should pick out everything that will look good on me and how to wear it and then I will have a free credit card and go buy it all.

I guess it's one of those days where I just don't like any clothes I have...don't we all have those?

Also, it snowed last night, about 2 inches, which is quite a bit since it's so wet and heavy. It was a beautiful snowfall - about 2 degrees, no wind. I was in London Drugs and overheard a guy at the counter say: "It's blizzarding out there!"

Come on people, live in the prairies for most of your life, heck, live in Caronport for one winter, and you will realize that what we had doesn't even come close to the definition of "blizzard."

BC people. Sheesh.

We're getting our Christmas tree on Saturday. Whooohooooo!!!!


  1. Ah, the never ending clothes dilemma. I am so happy I chose a field where I can wear what I want (jeans and t-shirts and hoodies). Some days I wish I had more professional clothes, but then I give my head a shake. Why would I want to wear something nice when I work with kids who throw things, spit and do craft projects with lots of glue!?

  2. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Hi Erica, so good to know that you know a blizzard when you see one. Can you train others to understand that as well? Oh don't bother, it would likely take too much energy.
    I love you dressed up or dressed down, I love here, I love you there, I love you absolutely anywhere. Mom

  3. "Sheesh". don't here that too often anymore. i agree. BC people. Sheesh. and Northern Irish people. Sheesh. it's still +6 and people are wearing heavy duty parkas. weenies. i agree about the clothes dilemma. sometimes you just don't know the look you're going for. should i nominate you for What Not to Wear and then they will tell you what TO wear and give you a Visa card? love you.

  4. oh and i'd like to see a picture of your new haircut please. i am liking the side bang idea. i love bangs. wish i could have some without the effort of straightening them every morning. i'm much too lazy for that.

  5. Me too... I want a picture too please! And I'm also sick of my wardrobe... I took about 3 outfits with me travelling for the past 2 months... and even now that I'm back at my parents I can't be bothered to go through all my trunks to find other stuff... so maybe I'll just have to go to Vallue Village and get some other stuff!

  6. hooray, you are coming home soon! and I cant wait to see you!
    and on a random note, I joined blogger, although I haven't yet deleted my myspace yet.