Saturday, September 29, 2007

sometimes I forget I have a blog

That is to say, I didn’t blog very much in September, and now here we are at the end of it. Time sure flies.

I didn’t realize how tired and busy my first month of work would make me. I think now I am starting to adjust to working full time and will now be able to keep doing my own stuff at home etc. because I won’t need to only eat and sleep once I am home at 5:30.

Work has been going well for the most part. I am working on a couple interesting projects, and a couple not so interesting. I believe I am on 4 or 5 projects of the 15 or so in the office right now. Here are what they are (briefly):
1. reno an existing house to create a house in the layout the clients found online. The existing house is one story, L-shaped. The house they want is some sort of cross between a Tudor style and Craftsman (figure that one out), and they want to use the existing foundation as much as possible.
2. Convert an existing operating dairy barn into office space for a huge dairy group. Now I don’t know if you have ever been INTO an operating dairy barn, but converting it to an office seems a bit ridiculous to me. But hey, to each his own.
3. Plan an office layout in an awkwardly shaped room.
4. Sunroom addition for a woman who has already sold her house (maybe) but the buyers are ok with it and really the room is for her dog because her house is pretty small.
I am sure you can imagine where there might be challenges, and also some entertainment, even if I have to keep that part to myself.

Today my plans include laundry, making cookies (maybe…we’ll see how the other stuff goes) purchasing supplies for my next cake class, and making a pumpkin almond cheesecake. If that turns out well I will post the recipe. I am looking forward to my day, despite the fact that the sun is not shining and the sky is grey. I really miss fall in the prairies….

So yes, as aforementioned, I have signed up for two more cake classes. The first one is Fondant and Gumpaste, and the second one is Course 2. The first one starts on Thursday night, and the other one not until November. I didn’t realize that I would miss the first night of Fondant and Gumpaste because we will be in ONTARIO!!!!!! That is ok though, because Kylie also taking the classes and she will fill me in.

I just have to say that I like TV, and I am glad that two shows I like have started again…it was a good Thursday night at the Wall’s house…Steve and Kylie’s I mean.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. hi erica - i am glad you have found a way to amuse yourself at work. it's great to find a reason to smile to yourself. i am excited for your cake classes. i hope you post pictures of the great cakes that you decorate. have fun in ONT! love you lots.

  2. juliana6:17 AM

    Good to see a new post from you Erica! Also happy to hear that you are through the first month of work...yes, it is exhausting. September back at school always makes me feel that way. I think the teachers go to bed earlier than the students! Does your trip to Ontario involve visiting your sister, or are you up to something else?

  3. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Hey Erica, you sound busy and good.
    How did the pumpkin almond cheesecake turn out? Sounds yummy.
    Very cool that you are taking more 'cake classes'.
    Do tell us what two shows you like on Thursdays.
    See you on Thursday.
    Love mom

  4. Heidi M. Lindskog7:04 PM

    So what did you think of Grey's?

  5. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Hi Erica, the cheesecake looks fabulous, how did it taste? I think it's great that you are taking cake classes, have fun and I'm sure Dan loves to sample! Love from an old auntie, S