Thursday, August 16, 2007

Before and After

I have been trying, rathe unsuccessfully, to post some before and after pictures of work we have done around the house. I have been trying to do this for several days in a row now, and today I realized that it probably won't work how I want it to, so today is the day I gave up. Maybe some other day I will try again, but that day may be a long way off.

My most recent project was the painting of old white plastic patio chairs. There were 4 left here from the last tenant, so last week I spruced them up with some paint for plastic spray paint. Two are now Sun-Dried Tomato colour and two are Honeydew colour. They look much better. The idea came from Canadian Living magazine, and to my amazement, it wasn't impossible to do. Half the time their projects are ridculous and would never work in the first place unless you are a "professional doer"

My dear friend Heidi is visiting for a few days this week. She came to photograph a wedding of this girl we both kind of know from camp. That is where she is right now in fact. It is nice to see her and have a friend around for a few days. Dan also went to the cabin (Wall Family cabin) this weekend with his brothers and some other people, so having Heidi here is great. She also brought me some Taber corn, which is hilarious, given that Dan insists that their corn is the best, when obviously I, being from the promised land (S. Alta) know better.

I guess that is all for today, especially considering the lack of picture upload ability. I'll be eating oreos and watching tv for the rest of the afternoon if anyone would like to join me. Don't worry, the afternoon is almost over so it's not as bad as it sounds.


  1. This was actually posted on Sunday, August 19 not Thursday like it says...Blogger is on the fritz I guess.
    I have never posted a comment on my own blog before...

  2. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Hey Erica
    Nice to hear from you. Have fun with Heidi, Taber Corn, & uploading pictures!
    I still think you are a professional doer, without doubt!
    Love you, mom

  3. I thought you were a professional doer too.
    I want some Taber corn, and would love to sit around and eat oreo's with you. Sigh.

  4. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Hi ERica, how does it feel to post a comment on your own blog? Personally, I don't have a problem with it! I also think you are a professional doer of most, if not all, things. Yes, yes, of course the Tabor corn is the best! Who would think otherwise?!

  5. i agree with auntie, you are a professional doer! one of the best i know. glad the chairs turned out alright! keep trying with the pictures, i really want to see! yes please i would love to join you watching tv, maybe i'll bring over some banana choc chip muffs. love you.

  6. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Hi ERica, I just checked your facebook pics that your mom told me about. I love what you've done to the place!! ARen't you sumpin'? Very nice improvements all around. Was that spray paint on the chairs? Really nice. Who knew? Yes, good curtains and cake. Was that from a 9x13 cake? Good work.
    auntie rose