Thursday, July 26, 2007

harry potter and the mildew infested trailer

Well, I have read the last Harry Potter book. It was quite good - lots of adventure and action. I will not spoil it if you have not read it and are planning to, but let's say that the last 50 pages or so are the best part of the book, and it all comes together there.
Christine (Dan's sister) bought the book, and since I went with her to the midnight party at Coles so she could buy it, I had dibs on it when she was done. Steve and Kylie also went to the midnight thing.
Also, Dan and I are getting new carpet on Monday in the three bedrooms in our trailer. We pulled up the old stuff and there is mildew and sickness in parts of the underlay which really is gross. As a person that lived in Alberta most of my life, it's just wrong and scary to have that much moisture in a building. I told Dan I was scared to breathe in the mold spores, and he said whatever, he's lived in BC all his life. I think I prefer dry climates...although it is sunny today.
What else? I am in town doing some errands this morning, which I guess I should actually get to.
Nothing else is going on. As usual.

See you later.


  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Hi Erica, So glad you are getting rid of those moldy oldies!! One can never be too careful... Oh yes, about the bucket? Exactly what evidence do you have???
    auntie rose
    p.s. Thanks so much for the gorgeous wedding photo - such a delightful one!!
    love you

  2. i agree, the last Harry Potter was fabulous, i'll email you so we don't spoil the book for anyone who hasn't read it yet. glad you have gotten new carpet. hmmm, dan's words scare me slightly. i think mold is a huge problem!! could affect your health. however, he hadn't died yet, so i guess you will be ok!! and what the heck is mom talking about a bucket for?? love you.