Tuesday, May 29, 2007

watch this!

Last night I came across a new tv show called "On The Lot." It mimics American Idol in that the American public votes for their favorite people after the show. And surprise surprise, it's produced by Fox. Anyway, in this show they have film makers and they are given a task each week of a kind of film to make. Last night they were showing 1 minute comedy shorts. Some of them were so clever and funny. Here is a little peak!

Unfortuntely this is the only video I could find on YouTube from last nights show... so here are some links to the other ones I thought were funny:
and of couse, I have to cheer for the one and only Canadian on the program:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Spring Days

I haven't been busy, but I have been wrapped up with wedding stuff and not getting any new emails. Plus, since I haven't been busy or doing stuff I feel as though there is nothing to blog about, per se. Nothing of interest that will come out witty and insightful, at least.

I got my hair highlighted the other day. I told her I wanted to be able to notice they were there, but not gross looking, and this is what I got. I quite pleased with the outcome, even though I am not sure you can really tell in this picture that my hair is at all different.

(Photo Removed)

Dad chose today to try to get the basement carpet clean. He had shampooed the bedroom down here and the main area on the weekend, and that inevitably left some black marks around the computer near his shop door, which dad tried to get out with a garden hose and a shop vac. The first spray of water went mostly on the computer, which had me and my mom laughing and rushing to find a towel. I am sure you can imagine the sight. Also, I should point out that today has been a rainy and cold day, hence the chance of basement carpet drying is way down to slim status. Obviously (and logically??) it's necessary to have two fans blowing on said carpet area, and on me, making the entire basement the temperature of an igloo.

In other news, today mom and I went to try to find bras for our wedding dresses. Not an easy task I might add. Although if you need a good laugh go find a body shaper suit and try to put it on. Laughter guaranteed if you have someone around to help you get it off! I think we maybe had some success (not with the body shaper suit), but you never really know until you try it with the dress, so we will see what is what some other day.

Wedding plans are good. And yes, I am excited for anyone who might be tempted to ask. I am currently working on wedding programs and seating arrangements. We weren't going to have seating arrangements, but I was at a wedding this past weekend and I was awfully glad that they told me where to sit. I went by myself, and all of the people I knew fairly well were the bride and groom and other people in their wedding party. I ended up sitting with some people I knew from high school, which was good, but man oh man, I was happy that Cait told me where to go.  Anyway, the whole seating arrangement got me thinking that that's a good idea, so things have progressed. For those of you attending, don't worry, I won't enforce the seating, it really will be optional.

As for wedding programs, what do you put? I am actually asking for suggestions here, so feel free. I mean, you have the usual list of people and order of ceremony, but do you really need an order of ceremony? Everyone knows generally how weddings go, and we aren't planning to make the ceremony hours long so people feel like they have to start checking off completed items. I'll experiment and see what I can come up with on my own. I wish Dan were here, he loves lists and would be good at this kind of stuff. I could wait until he gets here, but I am in the mood to do it now, so you know.

And one last picture, on a totally random note.
Dad with "the weight of the world on his shoulders." (His joke, not mine.)

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well I know it's been a while, and that is because I have actually been Missing In Action for the last two weeks. After school ended Dan came to Alberta and we moved all my stuff to Abbotsford. The plan was that I would be there for two weeks, getting our lives together, unpacking, painting etc. Plans changed though, and I came home to Lethbridge on Tuesday night instead of this Saturday because of this:
Dan and I are going to rent a place from his parents in our married lives, however, the place we are moving into has a very reluctant to leave occupant. This guy gave notice for March 1, and then stayed through April, and then wanted to stay for May too. Anyway, the story ends (or continues maybe?) with him supposedly moving out May 15. I decided to come home, because Dan was working everyday anyway, and I didn't think that living at his parents house with really nothing to do was a good way to spent my week. Plus I was sick with flu like symptoms from Sunday to practically today, so being home is nice.

I feel like my sentances don't make too much sense, and I am going to blame that on me watching Oprah the same time that I write this.

Dan's Aunt's had a Pampered Chef Bridal Shower for me which was nice. I was able to order about $300 worth of products, which was really fun! I picked some stoneware, and some other actually usefull products. Some of the stuff they have is so stupid. Dan's mom's family sometimes reminds me of my mom's side - lots of aunties and cousins. It kind of had that feel, although I know if my aunties were at this party, there would be a lot more talking, and a lot more food, just by nature!!

Anyway, I was going to do a little book review for all you avid readers out there, so here are some recommendations:

Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O'Neill

This book is on CBC's Canada Reads list for this year. It's a fabulous read about a girl who lives in downtown Montreal. Baby, the main character, lives with her heroin addicted dad, Jules. This book is witty, and surprisingly full of beauty. It's really eye opening to see an impoverished neighborhood full of pimps, hookers and drug dealers through the eyes of a twelve year old who calls that neighborhood home.

The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards

This is family drama at it's best! This book covers 20 plus years in the lives of a rather messed up family. One big secret destoys this family, which inevitably leads to many other secrets that just keeps pushing them apart. I don't think my description of this book is very good, but I don't want to give it away! Trust me, this a good read that will make you wonder what lengths a person would go to save someone else from pain.

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam

This book has had a lot of press already, and it actually came out last year. Short stories about medical students are contained in this book. It revolves around 4 characters, and all the stories are connected. It's not so much about being in medical school, but the secret lives of doctors. I found it hard to put down; over all a great read!

Have you read any good books lately?