Friday, April 20, 2007

It's over! (or has it just begun?)

School is done! And not just for another year, but for good! (except for exams - but who counts those for anything??? just joking)

So, you are now reading the blog of an Architectural Technologist!

Here is what that means:

2 years
9 textbooks
$145.33 spent on MANUAL drafting supplies

And, to top it off,

COUNTLESS hours spent on autocad.

Plus, a warm welcome to "summer vacation" with an inch of snow!


  1. julie6:16 AM

    Yeah!!!!!Good for you! I just wrote a congratulatory paragraph on Hillary's blog - it applies to you too, so go and read it! And I would be happy to take you out for breakfast too!

  2. Good Job sister. I am proud of you and excited to see the beginning of your life begin!

  3. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Yes! Good work Erica. I'm oh so proud of you. Congratulations!
    Love Mom

  4. Congrats Erica!! I know how great it feels to be done, so enjoy it! Wish we could celebrate together.

  5. well done my friend. i'm proud of you. not that i really understand what you do, but i'm glad you can do it. somebody has to!! you are great. i love your wedding count down thing. good idea.