Tuesday, April 24, 2007

no more papers, no more books, no more bloggers' dotted looks!

This is 8.5 inches of papers. Which were from this school year.
That now belongs in the recycling bin.
My next dilema is what to do with all of my empty binders and packs of loose leaf paper that I have left over from when my mom and aunties made each of the kids buy the maximum amount because it was on sale back when I was 9 or 10. Any takers?
Also, as a way to avoid the inevitable studying, packing and cleaning to be done, I (obviously) changed the look of my blog. A new look for a new adventure, I say. Do you like it?

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's over! (or has it just begun?)

School is done! And not just for another year, but for good! (except for exams - but who counts those for anything??? just joking)

So, you are now reading the blog of an Architectural Technologist!

Here is what that means:

2 years
9 textbooks
$145.33 spent on MANUAL drafting supplies

And, to top it off,

COUNTLESS hours spent on autocad.

Plus, a warm welcome to "summer vacation" with an inch of snow!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

things that can't sleep in the night

Can't sleep.

I hate night. Night is when I get stressed out. Sometimes I feel like I am in grade 2 again worrying about the next school day and not being able to sleep because of it. I was actually like that in grade 2. When you think about it grade 2 is really nothing to be stressed over...read some poems off of those giant laminated pieces of paper, share your peacock blue pencil crayon with the neighbor boy who never had that colour, be picked up for lunch and watch Care Bears while you ate it, brain storm ideas to write a story about dinosaurs, and other fun stuff like making ice cream in class or being taught how to lasso a chair by your student teacher. I don't think my stress is school related anymore though. It's almost over, after all, and it's easy to stop caring so much after so long.

Back to night. I don't like it. Which is ironic because most people who know me would call me a night owl. One time when I was at Briercrest I worked on a paper at 2 in the morning. This might be normal for some college students, but I hadn't worked on this paper until 2 in the morning, I was doing something else (likely out with Dan...we were so stupid, and it was cold) and then came in and decided to do my footnotes at that point. My roommate wasn't too impressed with me, but like now, I couldn't sleep and needed something to do to zap the last of my energy. Anyway, at night I get overwhelmed with life if I stay up too late. It's like the weight of the world comes down on me past 11 o'clock and I start feeling bad about myself and my life choices. It's a horrible way to spend time awake.

Sometimes I really miss my Briercrest friends. They are the best people I have ever had in my life and I wish I was better at staying in touch with them. A part of me thinks I wouldn't feel so crappy about myself and my life if they were everyday people. Well, they are everyday people, but you know what I mean.

I've been thinking about getting a new template for my blog, and possibly changing the name of it, but I am fresh out of creative titles at the moment, so I guess I will just keep mulling it over. Maybe in June when I have dial up internet and live in a trailer I'll have a good day and half to kill and will come up with something brilliant. Or, maybe next week during exams and packing and cleaning. There's a good chance.

Maybe the Magic Bullet infomercial is on tv. I won't check, but man I want one of those. You would too if you watch the entire 30 minute sales pitch. You can make anything in 10 seconds!!!


Friday, April 13, 2007

not much

I think Friends is on 6 times daily on the stations I get. I enjoy this because it's good background noise for me when I spent hours and hours on homework at the table. It's not writing a paper kind of homework, so the concentration level doesn't need to be very high, hence my enjoyment of Friends (and other random sitcoms) as background noise. Sometimes I listen to Jeopardy and pretend I am smart, but it's hard to know the answers when you can't read the questions for yourself. And that is the fun of Jeopardy - knowing the answers.

So I STILL have a week of classes left. I don't know why they don't end already.

Inspired by Hillary:
1 week of classes left
2 days until my project is due
3 more shifts at work
4 leftover slices of pizza
5 sore fingers (from drawing all day!)

Thats all I can think of actually. I also made some mini cheese cakes tonight. The recipe said it made 12, but 28 nilla wafers later I ran out of filling. Whatever. If anyone wants to come over for dessert, you are more than welcome!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Inaccurate Songs

I was walking home last night and it was snowing lightly. Snowflakes were landing on my nose and eyelashes and it is NOT one of my favorite things. In fact, I found it quite annoying.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This morning I went up to ask the man upstairs if he could please turn down the thermostat since it was probably around 25 degress in my tiny basement suite. Seriously. He did so willingly, and then as I was heading back downstairs to finish getting ready for the day he asked me what my name was and if I was new. I looked at him strangely and said I had lived there for two years.

Here are the reasons why I am so anxious to move out of 1503:

1. I have no control (or VERY little) over the temperature of my surroundings.
2. Our "pantry" also contains the furnace and hot water tank, pretty much making null our attempt to store food in a "cool and dry place"
3. My room measures about 7.5 feet cubed. The window into that room is about 18" by 1'. If there was ever a fire, which seems pretty likely considering the average temperature of my apartment, and since my clothes get blasted with furnace air all day every day, and if I was in my room at this time, it's pretty unlikely that I could get out. Plus this window is at the top of the 7.5 foot cube, so getting up there might be difficult.
4. I don't want a roommate anymore. And having a husband is different that having a roommate. I would think anyway.
5. The entire house is paper thin. At night sometimes when I am lying in bed I can hear upstairs man talking on the phone, and I can't just hear murmers, I can clearly hear his half of the conversation. I can also hear him use his microwave at approximately 11:30 every night, and can hear his footsteps at 6:15 every morning while he wears shoes that clack on the linoleum floor that is right above me. The floor joists also squeak, but only in that corner of the house. Wonderful.

I wonder why I've taken so long to complain about this?

So the countdown is on. 24 more days living in my current residence.

I also get to quit my job this week. I have worked at Shoppers Drug Mart both years I while attending SAIT, and there is nothing that would keep me there past the 21st of April. I pretty much despise it, but the weekend (read part time) staff are ok people, so actually being at work isn't too terrible, it's really just the dealing with the public I don't enjoy. That and wearing pants that are too tight in the waist (and I mean waits, not hips, so these things are higher than normal pants), tapered, are too short and and cause thigh chaffing.
I am working this Easter weekend because of the hours, for one, and because I will get paid time and a half for the holiday days. Hopefully that will be motivation enough to at least be semi friendly to the customers. Like I care.

Going back to complaining, I was watching Oprah last week and saw something about a pastor whose church was promoting a "Complaint Free World". They had these bracelets (those rubber ones, like LiveStrong) that said "Complaint Free World" and you were supposed to wear it for 21 days without complaining, and if you couldn't do it you had to switch arms and start over again. I thought this was interesting, but would it really work? I doubt it. People are too self centered for something like this to become a world wide movement. I haven't really looked into this though, so what do I know?

This concludes my procrastinating for today.