Wednesday, March 07, 2007

streets and roads

Does anyone else compose their blogs in their heads way before they are actually posted? I do, but that is mostly because anything blog worthy happens when I am not in my house sitting in front of the computer.

Today has been a great day. It's been a mild +14 c most of the afternoon, so the snow is melting nicely and people are wearing less clothing, overall. More about that later.

Since we've had some warm weather, and the location of my house is downhill from everywhere I go in this city of mine, I have had some adventures in trying to walk up the hill without getting wet. I have conceeded defeat. Yesterday when I was walking to work and twice today when I was walking to Safeway and then to school I was splashed by crazed drivers who haven't a care in the world and so drive fast down the hill to soak innocent pedestrians. And I protect myself! There is a narrow sidewalk the first part of my journey uphill, so I try to see if traffic is coming and then when there isn't I run that part. The middle tends to be ok, although I have had to jump onto some lawns, which are more mud than anything, to avoid the splash of buses and trucks (I think those drivers enjoy splashing sidewalks, and people). The worst part of my walk however, is at the merge where I go around a curve, and there is a big dip in the road where water collects. Dirty water. There is no lawn to jump on to at this point, just a retaining wall, so you are pretty limited in places to avoid splashing. Buses frequent this merge, as do drivers that wouldn't know a yield sign if it hit them in the face.

I will try again tomorrow to get up the hill dry...maybe I should wear plastic pants and gumboots??

Anyway, as I said, the weather is great right now. I love to people watch and when I got to the SAIT campus today I walked the long way outside to my class, to enjoy the sun and to see what I could see:
- girl in a strapless dress, knee length, with sandals
- multiple people wearing shorts
- even more people wearing flip flops (keep in mind the snow isn't actually GONE yet)
- two guys playing ball on a snow/ice soccer field
- "Oh! It's SO hot out today!" - girl coming out of building, wearing shorts and sandals

Since when on March 7 when it's only +14 is it SO hot? Maybe warm, but HOT? People make me laugh.

Well, wanted to get that out into the cyber world. I gotta make some supper - I'm thinking cesaer salad with some shrimp is the ticket. I like receipes that require little work and zero instructions.

Oh yeah, another great thing about today was that I didn't have to go to school early, and our group is doing quite well in the drafting project. And I am realizing more what kind of job I want to be doing in a few years. I think file management is my calling. Being organized has such a huge payout - an A+!!


  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I think the sight of you sprinting uphill to avoid being splashed is pretty funny. I would try to avoid splashing pedestrians - well - sometmes.
    I'm glad you are enjoying this portion of the drafting.
    PS 3more month today

  2. Hi sister,
    I was lucky to avoid a big splash just the other day. The 3 girls in front of me got soaked, but I was glad it wasn't me.
    Enjoy the warm weather. I expect to see you in some shorts soon. We are not even close to that, so I am slightly jealous.

  3. so true about people going all out into shorts/sandals when it's actually NOT that warm out yet. they're obviously grasping for the summer months. but then again, who isn't?