Wednesday, March 21, 2007

bonus points

Holy moly...I hadn't realized that my blog was seriously outdated. By date only, not events that have transpired since my last post.

As I am sure you have read on Hill's blog, she came home this last week because she had time off from her Toronto things. Mom and dad and her came to Calgary this past weekend and then Hill stayed with me until Tuesday when she flew home. We had fun together. I like my family a lot and I am glad that me and Hillary like each other even more now that we are growing up.

Today my drafting group went to the campus bar instead of class for bonus points. I am aware of how odd this sounds, but it is true. Since we are doing group work we get extra credit if we do a certain number of team building activities, and apparently eating and drinking counts as one of those activities. It was actually a pretty good time, because we've sort of become friends through this project.

Anyway, since my last post there has been lovely warm weather, and then a snowfall, and then some pretty nice weather, and then another mini snow, and then today another mini snow. I play a game where I guess if the snow will be gone from my teeny tiny backyard when I open my blinds each morning. I haven't won yet. Growing up with Chinook winds really messes up your wind effect knowledge!

I had planned to write a bit more, but my keyboard is having issues, and Hillary can attest to how long it can take to type even a 3-letter word when it's being stupid like this, so that is all for now.

Happy First Day of Spring!


  1. I could go for some bonus points with you!
    I had so much fun being with you the past few days. Only a few more months and we can play again.

  2. i'm so glad sisters like each other more as they get older. hopefully we can all have relationships like the aunties. today we also had a mini snow. very mini. but then this afternoon it was +5 which is pretty good and i had a lovely walk around town with Billy the dog and Alison. i love spring, except for the wet roads and mucky grass. can't wait to play with you soon...