Friday, March 23, 2007

all in a day's work

It all started out as a normal shift at good old Shoppers Drug Mart #355. I had the 5:15 - 10:15 shift, which meant I had to cut class a little, but I was willing to do it, for the extra cash of course, which turns out to be not that much since my regular Saturday hours were cut back, but whatever, the point is I went to to work tonight. And it was pretty busy. Friday's usually aren't dead, which makes the time pass at a reasonable rate.

I had some line ups, and my co-worker seemed to always take off from the till any chance he got. This was sort of frustrating, but he himself is sort of a frustrating person, so I decided to let it slide.

Around 8:30 some police lights started to flash, and from my position in the store I couldn't really see what was going on, but was slightly blinded by the flashing reflections in the pop coolers and various shiny merchandise at eye level. I didn't think too much about this since the store is right on 16 Ave (hwy 1) and it' Friday night, and let's face it, it's not the greatest area of Calgary to be in.
At about 8:45 a police officer comes into the store and asks me if I had been at the till for the last while, to which I reply "Yes". He then asks me if I remember a bald guy buying some water and cigarettes and if I knew how he paid. Now, generally, my rule of thumb is to keep the line moving, acknowledge people but eye contact is brief and sometimes optional. So I had little recollection of who this cop was talking about. I told him maybe a credit card, but I didn't really know. (Actually, I didn't really know who he was talking about out of the dozens of people who had bought water and cigarettes from me already that night).

Then the cop brings in from outside a bag with this dudes purchase with the reciept and also a wad of cash. I went in for the reciept but was told not to handle "the evidence". The guy had paid cash, $100 bill and it was in my skim box on the floor. Cop man says he will have to confiscate that. Ok. I turn things over to my co-worker, and he handles things while I handle the line (of course) and then as cop guy is leaving the store he says "Oh, we may need a statement from you."

As it turns out in the end, the bald guy may have robbed a bank and may have paid with stolen money. I had to write a statement for the Calgary police, who ended up taking $200 from me since I had two $100 bills in my drop box and they didn't know which one it was. I find this all slightly amusing, even though it will probably end in loss for the store....those Calgary police better reimburse me, or rather Shoppers. In any case, it spiced up my otherwise dull evening.

Here is a random thought:

When I was walking home tonight a guy yelled from a car "Hey Baby!" and then not 5 minues later I was honked at. I don't understand this and often think of Seinfeld when this happens to me. (You should watch his last stand up thing "I'm telling you for the last time" if you don't know what I'm talking about). I was wearing jeans and a hoodie and jacket, and just walking normally back to my home.

I got thinking about this more on my way down the hill and concluded that never in my life has this type of thing happened to my before I moved to Calgary. And you might even say that it's a frequent occurance here in Cowtown. Then again, I did live in Caronport for two years, and before that hardly ever walked around high traffic areas. Hmm...

I'm going to pick up my ring tomorrow from Ben Moss. One of the stones fell out of it a few weeks ago, but it's fixed now so that is good. I don't know what else I'll do tomorrow, but I only work at 5:15 again, so I had better make good use of my daytime hourse!

Have a good weekend all!

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  1. Erica,
    What excitement! Glad that he didn't rob you instead.
    And, regarding the men who honk. I really believe that if some guys see girls they just yell no matter what.
    I was once walking in the winter, with a big winter coat and my toque with a hood on. My scarf was covering my face, and still, a man started yelling "Hey baby" to me.
    I don't get it.