Thursday, March 01, 2007

all Idol and no Greys' makes Erica sad

I just would like to say that I am sick of American Idol, and that I think they should stop airing every bloody season of AMERICAN Idol on Canadian television.
Plus, it pushes Grey's Anatomy out of the tv line up when you have peasant vision, and this makes me sad this week because I am at home in Lethbridge.

My work term has been going well this week, but I am glad I am still in school. I really hope that I like my job when I graduate, because right now I am feeling like school is more fun. I think I will enjoy the work I am learning to do, but it might take a while. I hope it's ok that I am saying this.

Otherwise, me and Dan are getting married in 98 days. I meant to post when it was 100 days, but I didn't know what day that was until just now when I checked the counter down thing. I went to try on MY wedding dress tonight and it fits perfectly! No alterations needed, which is really quite remarkable when you think about it. My friends mom is going to put a bustle in and that is all that will be required. So that is great news. Also, I think we've got the flower situation under control, and it won't even cost a bazillion dollars, which is another good thing.

Well, I'm going to go watch tv until American Idol comes on. And then I will probably watch that too, but only out of spite.



  1. Well, if it makes you feel better, Grey's was not on at all. So, really, you didn't miss anything. We watched some Office and just hung out, but it is true that thursday's just need to have Grey's Anatomy as part of it.
    Glad to hear you got YOUR dress:)

  2. juliana7:53 PM

    Okay, Hillary beat me to it...Grey's was just a re-run. I NEED there to be a new Grey's on Thursday's. Sometimes the thought of it is the only thing that gets me to Thursday (okay, that might be slightly untrue......but I really, really like it). I am also a big fan of Men in Trees that follows immediately after (on my tv anyways!!). Abbey and Chloe take the Idol very seriously. They have their "people" and heaven help us when their "people" are shown the door.......

  3. i don't even watch Grey's. never got into it, and don't know anything about it now. i'm an American Idol fan, although not so much this year because i have small group on tuesdays and therefore miss the boys night and therefore making me out of the loop. however, survivor is definitely IN and so is Amazing Race of course! way to go for 98 days!! exciting!