Friday, February 23, 2007

you take your sweaters, you take your time

I have to say, it's been a while since I've just sat down at my computer and listened to music and made a new blog. The day has come I guess, and I am enjoying it.

On a side note, Happy Birthday to my cousins, Amy and Courtney!

A lot has been happening in the world and in my life as of late. I don't watch a lot of news programs, but I do watch breakfast television in the mornings, and also Ellen, which is where I get most of my information concerning the day to day in the world. I know that Lent started on Wednesday. I thought yesterday was Wednesday though, but it wasn't. The middle of February really came fast. I also know that the Oscars are on Sunday night. Ellen tells me this every day since she is hosting them this year. I don't really care so much, but she is funny and sometimes it's fun to see some of the dresses etc, so maybe I will tune in for part of it.

My work term starts on Monday. It's just a week long, and I have the priviledge of going to Ferrari Westwood Architects in Lethbridge. I am not sure what they will have me do, but I a sure that I will enjoy my week in Leth and that I will learn alot. And I will be loving the fact that I don't have homework next week.

I think I spent about 12 hours correcting the same things on drawings this week. Apparently some people don't understand how to ue xrefs in a drawing, and if you don't know how to use AutoCad chances are you don't either. But it really bugged me this week and made me stressed out a lot. The good news is that all our files are organized and our group will be ready to start on the next thing when we get back in two weeks. I am going to hold an xrefing session. Drafting techs should know this in their careers.

Anyway, last weekend I went to Abbotsford to visit the love of my life Daniel Wall. I had a half-ass reading break, and got to enjoy green grass, a little sun, my birthday, Grey's Anatomy, a calf starting to be born, coffee with a college friend, a queen size bed, the future in-laws (who I quite like, PS), and the ag show from Thursday to Monday - thanks to Alberta's best stat day, Family Day, and to SAIT for needing pro-development days.

Dan gave me a MEC zip up for my b-day, and Rachel (that's his mom) gave me Pampered Chef prep bowls. I am quite happy with both of these gifts, but I left the PC gift at Dan's house because I want to use them when we get married. And then it's like I get them again! I don't have any pics of my weekend, because even though I have gone digital, I didn't take any pictures, like usual.

So in preparation for my life after school, and also for work week, I have started to put together my portfolio of work. I can' believe how much stuff I've done in 14 months. It's kind of fun to look at my old drawings and see how my skills have improved over that time. It's actually just nice knowing that they have improved. I notice this mostly with autocad drawings, because you learn how to do things better with each assignment, and it's obvious. I fear my sketching and hand rendering abilities have slipped a bit, but that is what you get when you don't do it for a year. I am looking forward to the day when I finish organizing all of my files of all of my SAIT stuff...(Yes, I am a geek, and it's always a dead give away when the long posts are made on a Friday night.)

Well, I have to work tomorrow, and that means there are only 7 more Saturdays before I am done school. That doesn't seem like so many, which is good, because I generally dislike my job, even though it's not really that bad. If at any point it's sucking, it's because of mall people. They are mean and grumpy most of the time, not at all like the people buying lotto and cigarettes.

I need to call my boyfriend now and prep him for premarital counseling next weekend. Just joking! (About the prep, not the counseling.)


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I Have a guess but I'll tell you tommorow

  2. My guess is the U of Hell.

  3. good post! i would like to live in the second house drawing.