Saturday, February 24, 2007

people watching

Tonight I met up with my friend Jenn, so I took the c-train down to Chinook station...

story one:
On the way there, two guys got on and sat across from me. It soon became obvious that one of these guys was new to Calgary, and the other guy was his friend visiting him. The second guy had a pretty heavy accent, and I think he was from Eastern Canada - in any case he hadn't seen the Rockies before. Guy one is explaining the city to guy two, telling him about "tunnels" that connect down town buildings (which are actually +15's that go over the city streets), the Calgary tower, Olympic Plaza (outdoor ice rink that is downtown). Soon we pass the stampede grounds and shortly after the Talisman Centre. Guy one says to guy two, pointing to Talisman Centre, "That's the Saddledome". Naturally I had to correct him, and then they named me the tour guide.

story two:
Coming back home, a couple sat across from me. Their conversation was quite interesting to listen to. My version of their story is that they went out for a nice dinner and had a great time, and at the end of this dinner she told him "She needed more space". I missed some of the good parts of their conversation because we were going underground and it was loud, but basically she wanted to go out with another friend tonight after dinner and wanted more freedom, from him I guess, and he wasn't a big fan of this plan. It really sounded like they were breaking up over this. He replied with "You never pay attention to me anymore", and she said "Well you don't know what it's like to be pregnant". I wanted to know more, but then they got off the train.


  1. Ah, I love the people watching. Yesterday I went out for breakfast and was very focused on a conversation between a mother, her daughter and her daughter's friends. Her mom was visiting from somewhere and the daughter was trying to convince her that she could get a puppy. Meanwhile the mom wanted to talk to her friend about a recent trip to India. Mike and I were both enthralled by this, that we didn't really have much to say to eachother. And the whole time I kept thinking that one of the girls looked really familiar, and after we left Mike said "That one girl looked so familiar." So, the question is how did we know her...

  2. good stories! it's always fun to make up things when you overhear others talking.

  3. good stories! it's always fun to make up things when you overhear others talking.

  4. juliana6:45 PM

    Oh Erica, you have an interesting life!!! People watching in Morden really isn't that exciting.