Monday, February 12, 2007

the latest and greatest (I'm not talking about new blogger)

My apologies for not making my posts very personal lately. I haven't had much to say lately, but today I decided it doesn't matter what I say, so I can say it anyway and that is fine.

Mom and dad came to visit me yesterday. We went to Ikea and to a mall and also to Safeway and out for supper at Red Lobster. It was a good day. I like when they come to see me!

I couldn't sleep last night worth a darn. Well, actually I did fall asleep only to wake up an hour later and not be able to sleep. Why does this happen? I would like to know.

This morning I made 2 chicken pot pies. We had one for supper and one is in the freezer waiting for a day when there is no food to eat. I also made some banana choco. muffs last night, and some cookies last week, so I am pretty well stocked on the baking at the moment. I really like to bake. Food is definitely one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

Facts of the day:
-right now it feels like -27 degress celcius outside in Calgary. It's actually only -19, but with wind you get to freeze your butt off (literally) if you go outside. I have to work tomorrow night, so I am hoping (but not really believing) that it will not be so cold tomorrow. I don't enjoy walking home at 9:30 PM when it's -30 ish and snowing.
-short weeks of school don't really feel short. We have a fake reading week coming up, which really means that we have this Thursday and Friday off and also Monday, which is family day. I am going to Abbotsford for these days, where it's 7 degress celcius, and only raining!
-I talk about weather a lot

The wedding invitations are made and ready to be mailed. Actually, they need addresses and stamps still, but other than that they are done. And I must say I quite like them. Maybe I will put a picture of them up once I send them out. I don't want to ruin the surprise after all!

Heidi is going to Texas tomorrow. Actually tomorrow she is going home, and then will go on to Texas. She's going to El Paso to do her Photo Journalism internship, so that will be fun for her, and lonely for me, and also not lonely. Speaking of internships, I will be doing my "work week" in Lethbridge at Ferrari Westwood Architects, and I am quite excited about this. It took a bit of work for this to come together, but now it has and that is a load off my mind.

Well, now I am bored and will go do something else. Probably homework, which is perhaps equally boring, but this is after all the Procrastination Station!!


  1. Glad to see something new. These are my thoughts about your thoughts:
    - I wish mom and dad could come and see me (and you too)
    -it is cold here too and we are having a snowstorm and all my students are praying for a snow day. I am too.
    - I want some of the muffins you made and would love to come over some of that pot pie.
    - My reading break doesn't arrive for another month, and no one else is on break when I am, and by no one else I mean the people I live with and my boyfriend
    - I think you will like being alone. At first maybe not, but trust me, it grows on you.

    Love you lots.

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Hi Erica, Thought I would check to see what you are up to and, I am pleasantly surprised and pleased that you are baking and cooking!! I bet everything tastes great and how grand to have some muffins for the freezer or did you sit down and eat them all at once!? Anyway, can hardly wait to see the invites. Perhaps I will get one?!
    auntie rose