Wednesday, January 24, 2007

nothing in particular

I haven't done a lot of procrastinating lately, hence the serious lack of new posts. But today I guess it was time, even though there is nothing else I should be doing right now.
Today I took a bus. Actually I took two buses, and it was easy and got me where I needed to go quite quickly. In fact, I even "combo-ed" it and took the CTrain first and then a bus. This took me to Market Mall where I had a few errands to do. I found some shoes at American Eagle that I think are wedding appropriate too...this is them
Now the mall I went to didn't have my size of these shoes, so they called Chinook Mall and had that store put them on hold for me until the end of tomorrow. I am glad about this, but not looking forward to going down there, because it's a long way on the CTrain.
That is all I have to report today.
Oh yeah, on a random note, here is something else I love:


  1. Oh Erica, I am glad you made time for a new post, because I was getting tired of seeing the same old one. I like the shoes a lot. Very cute and chic and wedding appropriate. I am still on the look out for something for my dress. Keep your eyes open.
    Love you sister.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Hi Erica
    I like those sandals. Nice to see that you are combo-ing around the City. I knew you could figure things out. I will check out those 'singles', maybe today. I made muffins and bread this morning. Wish you could come over and eat with me.
    Love, mom

  3. way to go with the combo. that would scare me. i haven't experienced these Nestle singles. i actually haven't even heard of them. but i can see how you would be attracted to them.