Sunday, January 14, 2007

a list

A little late to be considered New Years Resolutions, but I've made a list of things I want to do while I still live in Calgary/General things I want to do to make my life better:

1. take more buses. I have been quoted as saying "I don't take buses, and I don't combo" (meaning I don't take the c-train and then a bus) but that is silly because what if I want to go someplace that isn't on the c-train line? So I am going to take the bus more often, and not be afraid of it.
2. excercise. This may seem like a typical thing to say in January, but I am actually going to do it. And now I have to because I've put it out there. Basically I have almost every morning off from school, and I should use some of those hours to make my body more healthy. Plus my friends have those hours off too, and it helps when you have a partner.
3. clean my house more. Let's face it, this place is a mess most of the time.
4. try out new recipes/actually cook balanced meals more often. I was spoiled at home over the holidays, and I liked it. May as well try to do the same here.
5. nap more. Life doesn't need to be so stressed out. The real goal here is to slow down, and napping is a good way to do that.
6. drink more water. Enough said.
7. actually go to First Thursdays. First Thursdays is a program in Calgary aimed to actually make people go out and discover stuff about the city, namely downtown around Stephen Ave. They usually have restaurant promos and different stuff to do for free or for really cheap. Heidi and I have been telling ourselves to go since we learned about it last October (2005, I mean). It happens on the First Thursday of every month. Ok I just tried it find the info online, but it looks like maybe they don't do this anymore...I will have to investigate further.

That so far is my be continued???


  1. Erica having naps? What is the world coming to?

  2. i like your list. especially First Thursdays. what fun is life if you don't discover the world around you!!??

  3. can I go to First Thursdays with you? oh, and I need your address....for mailing...some...thing.