Friday, January 26, 2007

a good weekend...and it's only friday!

Today during our last class of the day (which is from 2-5PM...hardly a good time for a class on a Friday) Raelene, Cale, Steve, Lindsey, Olivier and myself made a little improptu supper plan. Since we were all on our own today as far as our home lives went, Raelene invited us over for a pot-luck/come and cook supper at her place.
We had ceasar salad, grilled steak and grilled chicken, roasted bell peppers, potato pockets with carrots and onion (which was my "contribution"), garlic bread and a fruit flan for dessert! It was so good - I don't think I've been this full since Christmas!
We also played Things and some Scotland Yard, which we as a group came to love last semester as we worked on our group project. I feel like I haven't really hung out with these people since before Christmas - we really grew in friendship last semester through the project we shared and we are all split up for this semester's project, and I have missed them. It was nice just sharing their company. I brought my camera to take pictures, but forgot to get it out when I was at Rae's.
I also never really thought that I would gain any lifelong frienships with people I met at SAIT, although now, a year and a half later I am glad to say that just the opposite has happened. I love these people, and even though I know we will grow apart, I know too we will all keep in contact throughout our careers.
Anyway, I have other plans for this weekend too. I have to work tomorrow, but am then going to a Roughnecks game (lacrosse)with Linse and some of her friends and then on Sunday we are going to Lake Louise to see some ice sculptures! Should be a fantastic weekend! I hope yours is good too!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

nothing in particular

I haven't done a lot of procrastinating lately, hence the serious lack of new posts. But today I guess it was time, even though there is nothing else I should be doing right now.
Today I took a bus. Actually I took two buses, and it was easy and got me where I needed to go quite quickly. In fact, I even "combo-ed" it and took the CTrain first and then a bus. This took me to Market Mall where I had a few errands to do. I found some shoes at American Eagle that I think are wedding appropriate too...this is them
Now the mall I went to didn't have my size of these shoes, so they called Chinook Mall and had that store put them on hold for me until the end of tomorrow. I am glad about this, but not looking forward to going down there, because it's a long way on the CTrain.
That is all I have to report today.
Oh yeah, on a random note, here is something else I love:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

a list

A little late to be considered New Years Resolutions, but I've made a list of things I want to do while I still live in Calgary/General things I want to do to make my life better:

1. take more buses. I have been quoted as saying "I don't take buses, and I don't combo" (meaning I don't take the c-train and then a bus) but that is silly because what if I want to go someplace that isn't on the c-train line? So I am going to take the bus more often, and not be afraid of it.
2. excercise. This may seem like a typical thing to say in January, but I am actually going to do it. And now I have to because I've put it out there. Basically I have almost every morning off from school, and I should use some of those hours to make my body more healthy. Plus my friends have those hours off too, and it helps when you have a partner.
3. clean my house more. Let's face it, this place is a mess most of the time.
4. try out new recipes/actually cook balanced meals more often. I was spoiled at home over the holidays, and I liked it. May as well try to do the same here.
5. nap more. Life doesn't need to be so stressed out. The real goal here is to slow down, and napping is a good way to do that.
6. drink more water. Enough said.
7. actually go to First Thursdays. First Thursdays is a program in Calgary aimed to actually make people go out and discover stuff about the city, namely downtown around Stephen Ave. They usually have restaurant promos and different stuff to do for free or for really cheap. Heidi and I have been telling ourselves to go since we learned about it last October (2005, I mean). It happens on the First Thursday of every month. Ok I just tried it find the info online, but it looks like maybe they don't do this anymore...I will have to investigate further.

That so far is my be continued???

Thursday, January 11, 2007

every post needs a title

-Holidays are over. I had really good holidays.
-I started school again on the 8th. My classes look ok so far, but the schedule in which they occur is not ideal. Oh well, what can you do?
-Dan is still here visting me. He goes back to Abbotsford tomorrow night. I don't want him to leave.
-We have pre-marital counseling in March. Which happens to be the same weekend after my work week for I don't know what I'm going to do about that, since the counseling is in Lethbridge, and starts on Friday night. Anybody know any architectural firms in Lethbridge that want a student from Feb 26 to March 1?
-Last weekend was a wedding reception for my cousin and his wife. They got married in St. Lucia, so the family came to Brooks to say congratulations. Here are some pictures of my family. (Ironically, there are none of the couple)

Me and my Auntie's Sue and Rose

Me and Eve

Me and Tanya

(she wanted everyone to know that she had my engagement ring on at the time because she loves rings)

Eve dancing the night away - she danced to every song. Seriously.

-Dan and I worked on our wedding invitations a bit this week. It's hard to believe that it' s only 5 months away!
-I don't know what else to write, so I will move on to emails and breakfast.