Saturday, December 09, 2006

this post brought you by the number 3

Things I learned this semester:
1. It's good to ask questions, and pride shouldn't get in the way of that. And the reason to be at school is to learn something, and asking questions goes along with that. Nobody expects you to know everything. Except for the Shoppers Drug Mart customers.
2. Group projects can be fun. But they are more fun when they are finished.
3. Some people I like a whole lot better outside of an academic setting. Human-ness is refreshing. And so is not letting school take over your whole life.

Things that make me laugh on a daily basis:
1. People who whack the walk button at the 14th and 14th intersection. Mainly because they don't read the sign and always cross the street when they pushed the button for the avenue. I usually see this happen 3 to 5 times a day. And sometimes they are the same people day after day.
2. The lady I see running everyday from SAIT at about 7:50 in the morning with a backpack and briefcase. I also wonder where she is going.
3. Heidi

Things that I am thankful for:
1. The end of the semester!
2. I have spectactular friends; which I didn't bank on happening during my Calgary life, but am really glad they are around. (I still like my non-Calgary friends too!!)
3. That there is exactly 6 months minus a day until I get to marry Dan. I love him. And I'm excited for him to be part of my family. I really love my family too.


  1. I love you too. Only 8 more days till you see me!

  2. i am glad i make you laugh! you make me laugh too! also i really like the format of this blog...i might use it!

  3. Erica my dear...I think it's about time that we need to get together. maybe take a few photos or so? Chat about our Lethbridge friends and how much we LOVE it there...?
    k, well, let me know.

  4. oh i like this idea about what we have learned and what make us last. perhaps i'll copy you and do that for my blog. glad you have learnt something this term!