Monday, December 04, 2006


I would actually like to know what you the reader should be doing right now? As much as I enjoy blogs, I usually think there is something better or my efficient I could be doing with my time - what that is, I am not always sure.
Right now, for example, I should be sleeping. But it's not happening right now.
Maybe I will read some more.
I just started Kite Runner and am already involved in the story. I like when books bring you in right at the beginning, and not 7 chapters later.

Back to the topic: Are you procrastinating right now? If so, what should you be doing?

(Disclaimer: I like when people read my blog, and leave comments! In no way is this post meant to make you stop visiting me online because you have "something better to do.")


  1. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I shoul be reading Hillary's blog right now

  2. Maybe you should dad, but she hasn't posted anything new yet!

  3. Dang strait you should be reading my blog! But there is nothing new on it. I should be checking my grilled cheese sandwich because it is probably burning.
    And I LOVED the kiterunner. It is great.

  4. oh erica, you guilted me into coming out of the "blog-snooper" closet! So here I am. Reading, and enjoying.

    Kite Runner is a pretty phenomenal book...I love it when you find a book that just sucks you right in.

  5. julie5:45 PM

    The Kite Runner seems to be a popular choice among your blog reading faithfuls. It was one of those that was so hard to read (due to content, not reading ability!!!!), but you just had to keep going once you started. What should I be doing? Where shall I begin.......well, tomorrow the superintendent of the school division is coming to my classroom so that he can observe me and write a report, so I really should be coming up with something stress at all. AHHHHHH! That's at the top of the list and I won't bore you with the hundred other domestic related chores I could be doing.

  6. have not read the Kite Runner. have heard of it. will add to "to read book list". should be making my lunch for work tomorrow. will add a newly baked nana-choc-chip-muff to said lunch bag. will probably also have one for snack before bed.

  7. Right now.. I am procrastinating from reading.. the Kite Runner! I have it sitting next to me, but I thought I'd just take a second to surf through some blogs!

  8. janis7:53 AM

    i should be eating raspberry crepes smothered in whippedcream topped with fresh organic strawberries and raspberries topped with icing sugar and a hint of cinnamon off a gold plate while b.b.king croons in the background and light snow falls outside my window and i my feet are snuggled in warm slippers under the table. that is REALLY what i should be doing.
    but your blog is way better. :)

  9. Janis cracks me up! Where does she come up with these things?

    And man oh man... you got some good readers responses on this one! I do believe I posed a similar question a while ago.. and I sure didn't elicit any blog snoopers to come out of their closets!

    I should be packing because I leave for Three Hills tomorrow at 7:30am!!