Thursday, December 28, 2006

my dad and the neighbors

It's a regular snow removal party, complete with quad, snow blower, and of course the trusty shovel.


  1. julie7:24 PM

    I am sure if my father could operate all three at once, he would! This morning while I was still in Killarney, he happily shoveled several drive ways. He said when the Freezy-Bag Sisters (two spinster sisters - last name FRIESEN) tried to wave at him through the window, he just pretended he couldn't see them! Weird. I am hoping your father isn't so obsessed........ Hope you are enjoying your holiday!!

  2. So over Christmas my grandma asked me if I had a boyfriend... When I responded "no" she said, "I guess it's alright since I had an aunt who was an old spinster"... after everyone's laughter subsided she added in all seriousness, "In fact I had two!"

    Perhaps they live in Killarney!

  3. If you need inspiration for a new post perhaps you could tell us the story behind your fiance's arm being in a sling... you could tell us a made up story first if that's more exciting!