Tuesday, November 28, 2006

yep, I'm still here

Today I met with my classmates to work on our group project. It was sort of a waste of time, as most things are in group projects when most of the work is done, and you have 3 hour breaks at school in which these menial things can easily be accomplished. Especially when Tuesday is a day with no classes. So in the end I spent about 5 hours at Oliviers house. Here is a break down:
1.5 hours - waiting for rest of group to arrive. A car wouldn't start. I took the c-train with two others and we seemed to arrive at the agreed upon time, so why is this not possible for others who have "reliable" transportation?
20 minutes - copying and pasting the last written assignment for the project, which was already written for another class. this also includes editing and making a title page.
1.75 hours - playing Scotland Yard (it's a game)
36 minutes - looking at a power point that had been started for our Friday presentation. I don't care if the words fade in or star wipe, just make the stupid thing and show me when it's done.
45 minutes - waiting for everybody else to realize that we were done so we could all go home at the same time. Something about group meetings makes you unable to make your own decisions about when you get to leave.

A better part of today:
Heidi and I talked about camp and we laughed and that made me happy.
Also, we actually cooked supper.
I watched the season premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation. I don't know what it is about Degrassi, but I just think it's great. I don't even follow the show, but if it happens to be on, you know I will watch it. I miss the old ones. One time this semester I was flipping channels and I saw that the Degrassi made for tv movie, Schools Out, was on. It was two hours of '80's bliss.

I also got some books from the library this week, so have been dealing with the horribly cold freeze your face off in 10 minutes windchill of -40 eyelashes start to freeze together on the walk home kind of weather with blankets and books.

I hear it's supposed to start warming up though.
Canadians and their weather. You'd think there would be more interesting matters to discuss, but there isn't.

Today I also saw a commercial about the Olive Garden. In this commercial there were about 4 or 5 women who were out for dinner, and they all ordered something different so they could pass it around and try everything. I got to thinking about this commercial and maybe I read into it a little, but it made me miss my Briercrest years. Or year - the first one. That was a terrific year with friends and Bible studies and a lot of laughter and some not good stuff too, but mostly good. Mostly great in fact. Anyway, this commercial really made me want to have my friends around me, but also made me want to have friends like that in my future life in BC. It's scary to think about moving someplace knowing limited people, and on top of that to be newly married. And basically, the ideal solution would be that we all live on a commune and I have everyone I love and need around me and they are only a few buildings away and Shannon and Chris and Heidi and the rest of the girls can to go to Olive Garden whenever we want. In the more reasonable sense, I've come to the conclusion that praying for a group of friends to love and support me (and to love and support) will probably be the second best idea, next to the commune plan of course. Maybe this is just me realizing that my days of being unmarried are coming to a close. And that is ok, but also a little bit sad, because that part of my life will be over, and I've really enjoyed the last 3 years of my life. More than I maybe thought I would.

We (me and Heidi) would also like to point out that the Christmas novelty commercials have started. We are sure you have noticed also. These are the questions that are thoroughly discussed as we watch tv every night:
- Why do they still make Chia Pets? Does anybody even buy Chia Pets? What grows on Chia Pets? Maybe we should get a Chia Pet?

- (In reference to the "'Ove'Glove") Do people actually pick meat up off of a flaming bar-b-q like that? I wonder if it really is the same material used to make fire fighter equipment? Why don't they make the Ove'Glove longer? You would think that the rest of your arm would get hot and burnt when you reached to the back of the grill like that. Why doesn't Take Home Chef have/use an Ove'Glove?


  1. Anonymous6:53 AM

    great post erica. I love the rambling. love dad

  2. I was procrastinating from writing a paper, and checked your blog expecting nothing new and there was something new. Hooray! I had to laugh at your sentiments. I can relate to wanting to live on a commune. God made us for community- of this I am sure. And chia pets--I totally forgot about these. We don't have those commercials here, but now I have the song stuck in my head. Also, about group projects. I am a project hog and will take the things that no one else wants to do only because I want it to be perfect (or at least my way).
    Now I see that I have rambled on as well. But I am glad you posted.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention Degrassi. Remember watching episodes at 4:00 and 4:30 everyday after school? And they never got boring or dull. Such great television.

  4. I totally hear you on the commune idea! Can I come too?
    And perhaps we could have the occaisional chopstick night!

    I hope God will provide you with all you need when you move out here.

    It was interesting reading your post because I am in a similar state and yet I think... if only I had a man in my life... then things would be better or different or something... but here you are with a man in your life... and things are not that much different... funny how we put so much emphasis on it... but it's not really the end all to be all!

  5. julie8:05 PM

    Okay, hate to rain on your parade, but chloe wants a chia pet......

  6. Oh... it would be so fun to be crafting together and listening to Sarah!
    Hope it'll happen someday soon!
    When are you going home for Christmas?

  7. i agree with unca ray. i love rambling.