Thursday, November 02, 2006

snow day

Heidi took this picture of me this afternoon for an assignment she has. Photojournalism gets cool assignments. Who wouldn't want to learn how to take fantastic pictures of people they love!!

So I guess I lied a little bit and it is actually Thursday today. I didn't blog a new post last night because I was tired after we got home from our movie. (PS, if you want to know when you can see Marie Antionette, click here.)

Here is me and Heidi's movie critique:
H: I liked it, but I found it a little too trendy.
E: I liked it too, for the entertainment factor. Not for the history factor.
H: Definitely not a high school social studies video.
E: No, it didn't really cover the French revolution. At all.
Verdict: Rent it, if you like cake! (and can handle Kirsten Dunst for about two hours)

Me and Heidi waiting for the train

No, Heidi's milk didn't moo

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  1. Cute pic. I like your hat. MEC??