Friday, November 10, 2006


This evening at work a Chinese lady came in with a baby. She asked where the thermometers were in broken English, and I directed her to the right aisle. A few minutes later, she comes back to my till holding a thermometer looking confused. Coming to the counter she is pointing to part of the label and asking me what one specific word means. I read the label "For use orally, rectally..." Guess which word this lady is pointing to?
I try not to burst out laughing and tell her "Um, that means the bottom" Immediately understanding the word, this lady is a bit embarrased by her question and we both could have a bit of a laugh.

Also, tonight Kristen came into the store and introduced herself. Kristen and I have been scoping each other out for the last couple weeks because Brandon (her boyfriend) and Dan (my boyfriend) are in Australia together working at the same place. Only after they had left did we find out from our respective boys that we worked in stores right next to each other in a mall in Calgary. Go figure - of all the places to live and work. I think Kristen is from BC but is living here for a time. So it was cool to meet her and actually acknowledge that we know each other. Or at least know of each other.

Speaking of Dan, he is doing well. I guess I haven't really ever written anything about him or his adventures on here, and that should change since he's a permanent part of my life. The other day Dan called me to say this "Erica, I'm at the summit of the highest point in Australia, so I have really good reception!" He then told me to go look up Mt. Kosciuszko on Google Earth and see if I could see him waving to me. Funny boy. Dan is working for EdOut which is a outdoor ministry in New South Wales. They take school groups on different adventures - caving, paddling, climbing, hiking etc. He's loving it, of course, but I think is also glad he'll be home in a month. I'm pretty excited about that myself!


  1. that's good you and the chinese lady could have a good laugh about the rectum. "Rectum, darn near killed him!" believe me when i say that this is said often in my house.

  2. What? The breadmaker? IS that too much?

    Glad to finally hear about your boyfriend in a post... but don't you mean fiancé?

  3. Speaking of random comments... here's one for you... well it's not actually for you... but for your mom.

    So Mrs. Nickel, do you guys still have those light boxes in the Library? If so could you find out how and where they got them from?
    I don't understand why a nice sunny wintery place like Lethbridge has them and poor coastal rainy Sechelt does not. I would love it if our library did. So please let me know how I could help to make that possible here.
    Thanks for your help!