Saturday, November 18, 2006

Game Day

Last night I went to a Calgary Flames game at the Saddledome. They played the Detriot Red Wings and beat them 4-1! I went with three of my school friends, and I have to say that it was probably the most fun I've had in a very long time! Lindsey, Olivier and Raelene came to my place after school and then we had supper and then took the train down to the Stampede Grounds. We sat in the Nosebleeds, but who cared!

Home Ice

Me and Lindsey in our "retro" flames apparel (Thanks to Heidi for lending me the hoodie!)

Raelene, me and Olivier at the game

I also saw a guy from high school at the game, which was strange, because he doesn't live in Calgary. We chatted for a few minutes - it's nice to know he's doing well and enjoying his life. So all in the all we had a great night...and then.... we were walking out of the Saddledome and back to the C-train, Raelene jumped down the last flight of stairs from three stairs up and landed poorly and really hurt her knee. The Saddledome medic came and we went into the first aid room and Lindsey called her dad to come pick us all up, and we were all kind of laughing about this, Raelene included, but it seemed like she was in quite a bit of pain. I am not totally sure what happened after I got dropped off, but I think Linse was going to take Rae to the hospital, and I hope she is alright. She was in good spirits when we were waiting for Lindsey's dad, so I don't think her fall really ruined her night.

(What is wrong with blogger? I am trying to put another picture and on it just won't work!)


  1. Hey Erica!

    I just want to say congrats on your engagement. Do you go to Center Street Church? Thats when I saw you last.

    And you should be cheering for the Oilers! They have waaaaay funner games.

  2. Looks like fun Erica. It is always nice to have friends to hang out with.

  3. I know... blogger sucks for pictures sometimes!

    Did it remind you of me writhing on the floor/bed in pain with my knee!