Friday, October 20, 2006


Two work stories:
1) Tonight a man came into Shoppers and purchased 2 items.
Me: "Hi there, how are you?"
Man: smiles, points to Purdy's chocolates bag and rubs his belly.
Me: "Yes, chocolate is good. Do you have an Optimum card?"
Man: points to his teeth, then fakes a sore mouth and mimes pulling teeth out.
Me: "$5.29 please. Would you like this in a bag?"
Man: still gesturing toward his cheeks, teeth and the chocolate bag. Fakes giving me a $5 bill twice. Then does a "magic trick" with a penny.
Me: "Thanks. 71 cents is your change" (holding change to give to man)
Man: grabs change from hand then holds up his two bags - Shoppers and Purdy's. Gestures for bigger bag to put them both in
Me: "You'd like a bag for both?" (way past the point of amusement by now)
Man: continues to hold up bags
Me: giving bigger bag to man - "Thanks have a good night."
And so ends my exchange with this individual. I would also like to add that this man was clearly able to speak and was in no way mentally incapable.

2) A few weeks ago I was minding my own business on a Saturday afternoon at work. A man comes up to the counter. I face him and smile.
Man: Excuse me, miss?
Me: Yes?
Man: Do you have Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour?
Me: Yes I do.
Man: Praise the Lord sister! Amen! What an encouragement! Give me a high five!
Later I see this same man just outside of Shoppers approaching two college age males asking them the same question. They obviously say no and proceed to be extremely uncomfortable while sitting on a mall bench while this man runs through how to be saved. I am not sure what he said, but at one point he was kneeling on one knee with his arms stretched out. These guys he was talking to were trying to just leave. One got on his cell phone.
A bit later (he is still outside Shoppers) and he asks a young black woman the same questions. She replys no, looks at him funny and walks away.

I just wonder about people sometimes, and why they do what they do.

Here is a fun game!
Next time you are in a rather boring retail type setting (this game is more fun if you are working) see how many of these things you can spot (or hear):
- high heel shoes
- "I want to get rid of all this change" (keep a tally!)
- people with mullets
- the wedding crowd (people who obviously just came from a wedding - they are usually dressed up and buy cards, lip stuff, tylenol, pantyhose or junkfood)
- grown women wearing sweatshirts with dogs, kitties, horses etc on them (sorry if you like Northern Reflection, but it is a really really bad style. It's not even style.)
- "where is aisle ?" (this is especially funny when the aisles are actually labelled)
- murses (man carrying purse)


  1. that was absolutely fabulous!! sorry you had to deal with Mute Man, although it does make for great stories. this post made me laugh. we should share stories more often!

  2. It is the Shopper's Drugmart least he didn't put himself in a box. Your post made me laugh out loud. Love you lots.

  3. Hey Erica, I found this blog entry really funny cause in my career youth min class we watched a movie called "Late One Night" and there was a man doing this exact same thing. I was really hoping people don't really do this, but I guess they do. Its really too bad cause I really believe that most people need to relationships built with Christians before they care about what they know about God. just my own personal take..anywho it was great getting your post the other day. Congratulations in being engaged! Thats sooo exciting! When is the big day?? IS Dan living in Calgary now? are you coming up for the musical? If you are let me know cause grovom and schmidt are coming up and we could have a big sundbo reunuin dinner or something.
    anywho im glad your doing well. lets talk again soon. have a great Wednesday