Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the fam

I love my family! (I know it looks like all we do is pose for pictures, but that is not entirely true. It's probably only 3/4 of the time!)


  1. I think maybe your pictures need a little bit more explanation... like who is the guy in the first picture? And what's the significance of the swing? And what was the occaision for all the black dresses? A funeral... I hope not because you all look pretty smiley!

  2. I agree with Nanc. Who are these people, and what are they doing??

  3. you people....ok, here is a rundown: this last weekend I went to Vineland and Toronto Ontario with my family to celebrate my cousin Jon's wedding to Heather. We had a great time! These are pictures from the weekend.
    In order from the top:
    1.Amy (cousin), me, Mike (no relation..yet), Hillary (sister), Leah (cousin)
    2. 8 girl cousins holding up Jon (cousin #9)
    3. Hillary, Leah, Amy and me with our moms
    4. Amy and Uncle Bob (uncle) beside a swing we liked among grape fields. We went to this location for a wiener roast
    5. Leah and me at the Welland Canal, Lock 3 (where the ships go through to get around)
    6. My mom and aunties at Niagara falls. They like to pose for pictures.

    Are you happy now?

  4. julie (i.e. your cousin)7:08 AM

    Thanks for posting those pics! They are the first that I have seen from the fam. gathering. I was very jealous that I wasn't there so I tried really hard not to think about all of you!!! But, when it is your turn, I am going to try really hard to be in the pictures!!!!!