Monday, September 18, 2006

a boy, a ring, a dress

It's starting to feel like Dan and I are actually going to get married! I knew that we were, but you know how it is when you dream so much you don't know when (or if) the reality will ever come.
I went home this weekend for my dear friend Malorie's wedding (to Dan Enns). Malorie was the tuck lady at camp this last summer and we had a wonderful two months together. She gave me lots of advice and shared her wedding worries and joys with me, so it was nice to have a pre-cursor to my own engagement and wedding. Their wedding was held at Southern Alberta Bible Camp and it was lovely. The reception was in the gym and you would not have even know it was a lights, Japanese lanterns and black curtains can do wonders for a big ugly room! (I'll post a picture when I can) She of course looked fantastic and was no doubt overjoyed that she could finally marry her man - and that the wedding stress was near over!
Many of the people at their wedding were people I knew back from my high school camp days - those that I was close with when I first was a counselor and that kind of thing. Those days feel so long was nice to talk to those people, but it sort of felt like a time warp.
Mom and I also went wedding dress shopping this weekend. I did indeed find my wedding gown after trying on about 15 different dresses. The one we ended up getting was one I had orginally passed over since I didn't like one part of it, but once I put it on my opinion changed! So as my dad said, I don't need anything else to get married, there's a boy, a ring and now a dress!


  1. so glad you found a dress! can't wait to see a picture of it, and of course, you in it in June! love you girl.

  2. Oh erica. sounds like everything is coming along. i can't wait to see you in 3 weeks!!!

  3. Yeah that sounds about like Ray Nickel!

  4. Just so you know- I posted new..especially for you:) I am looking forward to seeing you very soon.